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 Resolving The AI Ethics Problem
Neal 477 posts, incept 2014-01-09
2023-04-12 09:13:23

Hi TG, as Im not American I can observe things that you as an American are probably unaware of. For example you wrote that the proposed rule/law cant be gotten around by placing the server in say China. That is a blindness of Americans that Ive noticed, they take an American viewpoint and apply it to the rest of the world. Only problem is that US law doesnt apply to everywhere else. Sure the US has bullied other nations to enforce US sanctions and rules. But those days are coming to an end. The BRICS+ are ignoring most US directives and that will only increase. Think China will comply with a US directive to label all AI generated conversations if they are pushing pro CCP narratives? Especially if the owners of such server farms are Chinese and members of the party? Think the Chinese wont push AI generated fake tranny kid crap to mess with US kids as just another path to achieving Chinese dominance?
So can the requirement to label anything AI generated be enforced just in the US? Will the US erect its own Great Firewall of the US to keep out foreign AI generated conversations?
So perhaps there is no real solution to stopping AI generated conversations such as fake tranny kids trying to influence your kids other than parental control, limiting kids access and teaching kids that most of what they read on the Net is bull.
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