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 Student Loan 'Forgiveness'?
Evergreen 463 posts, incept 2021-12-26
2022-05-01 11:39:52

1. Anyone who submits a FAFSA is constructively participating in fraud.

2. Under no circumstances should the government get into the business of regulating/policing/QA-ing college credits, degrees, or transcripts. The offered solution of voiding credits and degrees due to bankruptcy is probably high on the list of the power-drunk already. This is one step beyond licensing, going into the transcript business and becoming the omnipotent authority.

3. Making college debt dischargeable in bankruptcy is a great idea for PRIVATE lenders. As long as the system operates as a government-backed operation, then discharge is a BAD idea.

Think of college lending and student outcomes in this way:

The government pays for the student to attend school, making (effectively, if not in fact) direct payment to the College. The College is compensated for the years of indoctrinating the vast majority of students. The typical affected graduate is now going to repay the note, but the government has already accomplished its goal: indoctrinated citizen. Repayment of the note only serves to lighten the cost burden of this goal. In a fiat currency regime, even that is a non-consideration, net/net. Discharge of debt is nothing but an admission that the tuition loan was never designed to be repaid.

It is a direct payment operation to the Progressives.

This is how 80% of college attendees make it to and through college. They would never get financing in a private, free market model. This is also what supports 80% of college staff. They would be working in livestock processing plants, textile mills, and agricultural pursuits in a private, free market model.
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