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 Student Loan 'Forgiveness'?
Raven 19k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2022-05-01 10:27:42

@Boredfree -- yep, i get it. Things do change, sometimes more quickly than one expects. Definitely agree that business skill as well as task skill trumps only book learning. It must be a balance. Sometimes the best business skill is knowing when to get out and see where one is on the food chain. Good business people, and to some small degree i was one of them, tend to be aware of other often overlooked variables and progressive trends and changes. They do not get tunnel vision and see the larger picture of where a society and their industry is going. Most importantly, they look outside of their industry for ideas and understanding.

I have friendships with mega-rich, mostly people for whom i worked. Can tell you this without hesitation. They can have particular tastes and require certain types of people to do things certain ways, however be forewarned that whatever amount of money is available to them, they get off on control and efficiency. These people are often impressed when one reports that even a minor expense is controlled or when one gives them high value pricing.

So, what is to say that some illegal employing operation or one without licenses and certs might not impress them by getting the same job done more efficiently or even better. Remember that they often make their own coin bending rules or downright ignoring them. It is a habit.

The Leopard does not change its spots, and the Scorpion will always be a Scorpion.

Whenever i was working for them i viewed it like having an exotic pet. Admire, know its needs and be careful. Funny thing is that i later found out that was the way that many of them thought of me, and why we are still friends.

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