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 Student Loan 'Forgiveness'?
Billhrny 232 posts, incept 2019-06-19
2022-04-30 15:34:51

@Lobo -

Yep, When I started college in the mid 80's we were in 50's style cement block solid as a rock by the way; two to a room; male and female wings; with one communal bathroom per floor for each wing; split into three parts (sink area, bathroom stall area, shower area).

There were two or three cafeterias around campus we would all eat together. We had to live in them for 2 years before moving off campus. In hindsight I loved it...built character, I would suppose much like a hitch in the army.

Now those are gone, torn down to build luxury dorm buildings that are nicer than most of the apartment buildings I've lived in..bathroom and kitchenette in each room. Of course they are several times more expensive...and of course the students pay for it with their student other words, the university has become a landlord, with guaranteed tenants, with the rents backed by the government.

Oh and by the way the students are required to live on campus another year now.....

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