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 2021: The Year In Review, And A Wee Light In The Tunnel
Ihsmta 908 posts, incept 2008-04-10
2021-12-27 16:30:55

@Tdurden - I didn't mean to imply that Japan would implode. They've had their run up and correction. The US will follow a similar trajectory.

Europe? Yes, the EU will first financially then politically implode. But, I think that's a few years off and not a 2022 event. As WWI and WWII proved, the Europeans can go from civilized to feral very quickly. Keep an eye on Russia.

@Kontrolkaos - it's speculated that, based on their buying patterns, the Russian ruble is completely backed by gold. While Russia is controlled by Putin, it is politically stable. They have abundant natural resources being basically ag and energy independent, a large land mass, and an established military/industrial complex. As is said, the Russians play chess while the rest of us play checkers. Ukraine has to be taken when the plains are either frozen or dry - dead of winter or summer. If they begin to roll across Ukraine, there's nothing but speed bumps to slow them down. VP Kamala Harris threatens "super sanctions"? Yeah, right.

Hong Kong emboldened China. They are actively pursuing Taiwan. Crimea emboldened Russia. They are actively pursuing the Ukraine. The US State Department and Pentagon are distracted by social justice issues. Biden/Harris are out of their league.

"Economists are no different than the prophets of ancient Pompeii who reassured that Mt Vesuvius would never blow. After all, it never had before." Baxter Black, DVM and Cowboy Poet

"You can avoi
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