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 Corruption Much? (NIH)
Redjack 2k posts, incept 2018-01-29
2020-06-10 13:08:30

I have family who work in alphabet soup agencies. Not only is this common, it is almost expected.

The US has a class of nobles. Our host would never be allowed into say the upper reaches of the FCC, but if you are connected by class, marriage, and club membership you are let in.

That is human nature. You go with who you know. Same reason why in the three industries I have worked in, I tend to go back to the same vendors. I know them, they can get the job done, and they know that I will pay my bills .
Themortgagedude 12k posts, incept 2007-12-17
2020-06-10 13:15:50

Thanks. That's where I thought it was headed Karl but you've laid it out there.

Is it perfectly evident now that Fauci is in Gates pocket and shilling for him - and that he has the means to effectively coordinate everything as well???

I think its time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms that our founding fathers intended for us. Ronald Reagan 1964
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2020-06-10 13:15:59


"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Jeepguy 442 posts, incept 2020-02-07
2020-06-10 14:32:50

And knowing this people still dick wag about being tax payers! actually believing that their tax money pays for shit, when their taxes don't even cover the cost of the IRS, let alone pay the interest on the money borrowed year after year!

Oh yes they do steal money from your paycheck indeed not denying that at all, however I'm making the case that, that money they steal from your paycheck, pays for nothing at all! It goes into the abyss of the unknown because it sure as hell is not paying the bills!

If us "tax payers" was actually paying for anything then we wouldn't have debts and deficits! End of story!

Yes yes I know the money that's borrowed is borrowed in our name and the sheer fact their are tax payers! However by now even the grade school kids know we can't ever pay shit back and thus it's all false, even borrowing money in our name is falsely done!!

But of course people will scream, I pay taxes damn it, I pay for this or that!
"That welfare fucker"!! Blah blah blah blah blah blah... Except for one small problem with their "knowledge" of how the system works!

It's the sheer fact that everything's borrowed into an existence, including the pavement on the highways, the military, all forms of welfare and every single government job and don't forget foreign aid!!

It's all borrowed your taxes don't pay for shit! Yet them politicians will always dick wag about taxes via it gives them a platform to run on and it's yet just another way of routing your ass back to the voting booth, to partake in the play that is Kabuki theater called the political system!
Jeepguy 442 posts, incept 2020-02-07
2020-06-10 14:33:02

Yes lawyers have a PhD, yet they don't claim to be doctors of law!
In fact they don't identify as/throw around the term doctor!

Personally I think those whom are not in the medical profession that call themselves Doctor, are in most cases pompous asses with egos the size of south America!!

Hint hint that 2bit school principle and or so called professors, most of which haven't had a real job in the profession that they're supposed to be professing about in 20-30 years!

But of course those dorks in public schools especially at the elementary level are power tripping dipshits, who couldn't cut it in the real world! Throwing around the term doctor via a lousy school principal it's a pathetic attempt to make up for shortcomings! boy oh boy they do demand that everyone calls them doctor! It's an ego thing!

Lawyers have more of a workload, they have more responsibilities they make higher wages and they don't run around and talk about their PHD continuously! They don't walk around and calling themselves doctor!

It just goes to show what kind of arrogant morons work for the public sector!
Jack_crabb 19k posts, incept 2010-06-25
2020-06-10 14:33:21

That is human nature. You go with who you know.

Utter bullshit. It's nepotism and corruption.

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
How many are willing to pledge this? We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor
Cfisher 19 posts, incept 2019-07-27
2020-06-10 14:33:27

Wait a hot second, @JRMinter, the Bloomberg School of Public Health? Is that Bloomberg, the billionaire, former mayor of NYC and past democratic candidate for president, or another Bloomberg? This is a real question because I don't know.
Burya_rubenstein 2k posts, incept 2007-08-08
2020-06-10 14:33:34

I'd trust this guy over any of the "doctors" involved with government and the media.
M1919a2 862 posts, incept 2015-07-18
2020-06-10 15:02:01

Cut the Power and the Water and the Food to the Antifa stronghold!

Breitbart reporting antifa seeks armed volunteers to hold "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" after Seattle PD abandoned that 6 blocks of Seaatle.

Link -

NIH and the 'BS virus' becomes irrelevant upon the spread of the Pb virus.
Gauntlet33 381 posts, incept 2009-03-30
2020-06-10 15:02:06

Well said Karl!

Also, you many times mentioned how black people kill the most blacks, especially in Chicago, so here's a great article on the whole "Black Lives Matter".
Mannfm11 9k posts, incept 2009-02-28
2020-06-10 15:02:16

Amazing Polly did a video on this about 10 days ago. She is coming out with more. When you begin to see how this works, you will understand the anti Trump bullshit. Trump is tearing their stuff down, but remember, Trump isn't allowed to bring up a solution. But, he can expose these people, by putting them up front. They shut down a major part of the world, including Russia. Trump couldn't have done that.

The Washington Post has spent 3 years running false stories, as has the NYT, CNN, MSNBC and other prime outlets. Who controls those outfits? Bezos and Carlos Slim control the papers. When the truth comes out, they censor it or bury it in a story. One only need look at the suppression of HCQ, when it's availability would have done any good or the attack on the open up crowd. People are still wearing masks, despite the facts being they are of no use and maybe unhealthy.

One thing the last 3 years have shown me is the astonishing conflicts of interest involved in DC marriages. It started with Andrew McCabe and has never stopped. They never change their last name. What else I see is the link of the Clinton gang and, to some extent, Jeffrey Epstein.

These people are waging war on Trump. Remember, whatever the outcome, it was going to be Trump's fault. They told Trump 2 million. He knows now that was bullshit, so he uses it against them. Had it been 30,000 and we did nothing, they would have said it would have stopped at 3000.

Pay attention to what you find out. Fauci has been there a long time. The characters are now on the stage. Trump made a point to put them out there. He made a point to bring up HCQ. They shot it down with lies. We would have never known. Then he put up his middle finger and took the stuff. Notice the need for more toilet paper. He never once put on a mask. It drove the fake news crazy.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
Mannfm11 9k posts, incept 2009-02-28
2020-06-10 15:23:02

Here is Amazing Polly on Christine Fauci.

You have a few hours to burn over the next few days, watching most of her stuff is worth the time. The same people are involved in everything. That includes the fired bullshitter who went to Congress a few weeks ago It is worldwide and it revolves around Fauci, Gates, Big Pharma, including the Welcome Foundation, Soros and the Clintons. Her most recent tells us what is behind all of this. Expose them all or we lose.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
Mannfm11 9k posts, incept 2009-02-28
2020-06-10 17:17:32

They are now pushing the spike in Florida cases. There was a reason for the lobbying for more tests, to find more cases. The shutdown didn't stop the spread, or it would have been all but gone, by the end of April. Ten times more tests should find 10 times more cases. They aren't finding that. They are just counting cases. We should be working overtime to get rid of these dangerous SOB's. Defund the police? How about investigating the health criminals? Of course, we are already seeing DC doesn't allow anything to be exposed.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
Jeepguy 442 posts, incept 2020-02-07
2020-06-10 17:18:05

Well it just goes to show when push comes to shove those tough talkin conservatives will do nothing!!

I say this with a heavy heart, but I've seen it time and time again, the left no matter how childish their demands are, no matter how stupid and unethical their demands may be, they at least stand up and bitch!

Even if they look like 3 year olds throwing a fucking screaming fit in the store, they still make a stand!!

But hey where was those conservatives coming out in Mass to bitch about the covid crap lockdowns??

Oh sure they complained online, the radio shows as well as in forums, yes some really did protest, not with the numbers that the crybaby left has though!

Nope they couldn't take a day off and throw down to make a stand for freedom as well as free enterprise!

Like it or not they pussied out!

It just shows me more proof of what I've said to folks over the years privately...

And that would be that even if that red Dawn situation happened between us and our own government, most people won't do jack shit!

Yep they got arms and a boat load of ammo, they got tough talk over a beer but no guts!

Yeah say a typical street, say 5 houses on each side, Bob, bill and George have been "getting ready" and one day they get word the government is on the outskirts of town....

Well they grab their gear and head out on the front lawn, now they see the government costumes headed their way, then they see those forces only 500 yards away, well then it's time to start throwing lead!!

What happens??

Simple, Bob tells Bill to fire, Bill says, well why don't you? Then Bob and Bill look at George and says come on George, we're right here with you like we talked about!!

Okay folks, fuckin game over that hesitation has either gotten them killed, wounded or captured end of story!

of course I'm aware that there are people that really will make a stand when the time comes, however I think that we've had plenty of chances to make that stand perhaps nonviolently and we have failed to do so!

Yet the left at any moment gets triggered and throws a fuckin huge fit, about whatever they are whining about!

Meanwhile over in conservative land we only seem to talk about doing something with the scumbags who fuck us everyday, and have killed jobs liberty and ruined what could've been a fun summer!!

Yep the closing of fairs, festivals, carnivals and parks is nothing short of defacing America and yet here we the conservatives sit and only grumble!

Of course we're pacified with how we now have to side with the police because fit throwing Boogeycuck leftists want to do away with the police!!

Fuckitall 500mg
Take 2 tables daily knowing most people are infact retarded wimps who only talk a great game but won't actually do shit!!!

Reason: Grammar error
Weezie 8k posts, incept 2008-05-19
2020-06-10 17:20:16

Polly is part of that Q stuff, right?

Even Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch disavowed the Q thing.

jihad pressure cooker tea party guns Constitution Bill of Rights play doh squiggly line prepper home garden clusterfuck
Drifter 2k posts, incept 2016-02-11
2020-06-10 17:33:30

Regarding pretentious people demanding to be called 'doctor' when they have a ridiculous degree in some liberal arts nonsense... check out the health director of LA country....
Idiom 345 posts, incept 2015-02-20
2020-06-10 18:37:28

Well she probably earned that PhD in Ethics if she can devise something so nice sounding but so profoundly corrupt.
Mangymutt 1k posts, incept 2015-05-03
2020-06-10 18:37:54

Weezie - Although the day will someday come that I am forced to wear one, I have yet to wear a mask, nor has my wife. Why am I telling you that? It is because I refuse to go with a known lie.

Q is what Q does: I question, Q's qualities and am quick to quiz the quality of Q's quackery. Meaning, I tend to believe they sell disinformation and false hope. Quintessentially Q is the old "You sit tight, while I go get help" trick. You know the type of help that never quit shows up, but at least the person who chose to sit tight won't have any qualms... mostly because they have been bled out.

I won't wear a mask and I won't listen to Q mostly for the same reason - They are build on a quagmire of misinformation.

I have listened to Polly and thought she has done a pretty good job of putting actual research into her posts.

Can you quantify how she is part of Q.

"It's just a shot" - Gates
Robodog 500 posts, incept 2011-06-12
2020-06-10 18:38:06

Regarding Ring Theory, almost all societies & groups operate in that paradigm.

I reckon most of the inner ring are compromised & the metric traditionally involved being caught in flagrante delicto with a dead hooker and/or young boy or is it the other way around? Regardless, I'm in little danger of being caught with my pants down in either scenario.

Defiance to tyrants is obedience to God. ~Franklin
...the people must fight back how they can. Reverend Syn
Steve98765 101 posts, incept 2015-09-10
2020-06-10 18:38:46

In my career, I have worked with several phD's who were very intelligent and went to very prestigious universities. But you would never know it. They never advertised it or bragged about it. They insist on you calling them by their first name. If you asked, they would tell you they have a PhD from xyz school, but they never go out of their way to let you know it

Then there are those PhD's that have contributed nothing to the advancement of the human knowledge of science that always, insist on being called "Dr" it does not matter how worthless their "research" was.

Most the the phD that are in the hard science and engineering, do it because that have a passion for the subject and are very good at their subject of expertise.

Most of the phD's in liberal arts / education etc, do it because they just want the title and unearned respect.

Aabikrman 43 posts, incept 2010-06-18
2020-06-10 18:56:31

Polly is part of that Q stuff, right?

Even Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch disavowed the Q thing.

I watched Amazing Polly's production on Christine Fauci as well as many others and I don't recall here her mentioning "Q" in regards to anything, let alone her research as regards her productions. I haven't seen all of her stuff and only recently became aware of her, but I'm not familiar with her having anything to do with "Q", whatever that is.....

I think you're referring to Q Anon ?
Lemonaid 18k posts, incept 2008-01-20
2020-06-10 19:28:29

There's no link between Polly and whatever Q is.

"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of
Mangymutt 1k posts, incept 2015-05-03
2020-06-10 19:50:30

Lemonaid - Thank You

"It's just a shot" - Gates
Greenacr 996 posts, incept 2016-03-15
2020-06-10 22:11:28

Got the link to this video from Ann Barnhardt's site

Well worth the viewing, It's a little long but it gives you a different perspective on this plandemic
Ebt 370 posts, incept 2018-12-22
2020-06-10 22:12:17

I just spent a little time watching this documentary of an undercover nurse working on Covid19 in NY. A really lovely woman, about 37 yrs old, as believable as anyone you could ever hope to meet.

Worth a watch, IMO. Every bit you take in helps you in triangulating the reality of our current situation.

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