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 Corruption Much? (NIH)
Mercury 54 posts, incept 2017-05-13
2020-06-10 12:46:11

Trump HAD TO KNOW or, if he didn't, he's unfit to sit in the left seat AT ALL.

Operation Warp Speed.

OWS is where my mind went as well. Best I can surmise is that Trump knows the odds are not in his favor to pull off victory later this year and OWS is his attempt in peel away votes that would otherwise go elsewhere by providing hope and Ra-Ra. See what I did for the American people. I'm also willing to bet that he can't allow say China to be the one's who create a vaccine. That would damage his ego.

To Karl's point, I don't think he cares or he's unfit or he's both. Trump is only interested in the Fed and Congress pooping out trillions of dollars to cover up the bodies. The curtain has been drawn on the all mighty Wizard of Oz and it's not turning out to be a pretty sight. That which was promised is has been dealt a critical blow and is in serious risk from being recovered. IF he is re-elected and there's no vaccine he'll turn around an either blame science or release something that makes claims to help.
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