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 Get Your Mouth Off His Schwantz
Raven 19k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2019-07-27 10:33:25

in some conservative circles there is an underlying acceptance that these issues have been protested for decades and only manage to get worse, much worse. some pundits propose that the solution is to have this party and drive the debt to the ceiling and beyond crashing the whole thing down hopefully with a societal upset. in other words the thing that concerns us most here is their stated goal born out of the same frustrations with getting enough people on board to change things. since Trump has gone out of his way to appeal to these themes and these groups, perhaps this very popularly echoed sentiment informs his decisions.

there is a large percentage of a group formerly known as the productive class, mainly males of working age and their allies, who accept that the decline and ultimate destruction of America is inevitable along with valued institutions such as law, culture, marriage and family. they are quite vocal in their acceptance of the inevitable and how it is worthwhile to live now accordingly while waiting for some great cultural and economic reset. there are varying degrees of this. it seems that Trump plays to the subset who would like to accelerate the process.

regarding the younger generations, perhaps Millennial and younger, they apply a different logic to debt that they learned very well being the most online generation thus far. as far as they are concerned, bankruptcy is a tool of the powerful and connected and why should they not somehow benefit without consequence. to them this extends to the country. money is not as real to them. this is why their desire to face bankruptcy for their college loans sounded less noble during the occupy movement to those of us in close contact with them. to them it is seven years of living at home, working for cash or not at all, and a fresh start. seven years to good credit as they saw their neighbors and often families who lived on the credit card do a reset consequence-free every so often. even in my practice i saw investors do this often and it seemed to benefit them. young people now learn these lesson early.

is Trump playing to the conservative working age men or are they justifying his actions in their own minds?

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