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 Private Business? Not So Fast....
Vernonb 3k posts, incept 2009-06-03
2018-10-14 13:06:18

All this stuff reminds me of the Nuremberg laws against Jews in Nazi Germany with two great exceptions. One is that it appears to be a MINORITY of persons attempting to force the majority to concede to their demands.

The other is that it is not the government currently making the decrees against those they consider socially and morally inferior and politically unacceptable but private citizens that have amassed great fortunes in communications and other related technologies that serve to stoke the SJW mentality and fan flames of hatred. These companies are the TRUE NeoNazis.

The technologies are fundamental to the spreading of ideas - whether good or bad. The current society as a whole now depends heavily (almost entirely) on a technology that can essentially be terminated for ANYONE with the flick of a switch or an entry into a computer screen field. How did this society get so damn stupid as to allow anyone or a collection of persons to have unfettered control of such technology!

Persons or ideas in such a "virtual media" can be terminated at will by tyrants posing as corporations. Alternate voices are now silenced. Turn on the TV and radio and basically all you see is propaganda promoted by the same persons doing the internet silencing.

How long before satellite communications of radio/tv provided by private commercial systems for global communications are also controlled the same types of people?

Any business that supplies services to the public that deals in communications or the dissemination of ideas fundamental to a free society and to civil rights must not be allowed to exercise such control. They must be regulated as a PUBLIC UTILITY.

There should be a 20 year mandatory jail sentence of hard labor for each offense to deny such civil rights for every company owner and serving board member and the companies seized for conspiracy to deny civil rights.

If you don't like what your company is doing then you'd better sell your shares and resign now. Give no mercy.

Google (youtube) , Facebook, and Twitter by shadow banning and delisting content they do not approve and by the outright PREFERED PROMOTION of violence and terroristic threats by those with whom they do not agree have lost all credibility and morality. The moral turpitude of these companies against civil rights demonstrates they must be disbanded and regulated as utilities.

When regulated as public utilities those current terms of service agreements can go in the trash. The agreements will be all about being paid and not being paid or pursuit of illegal activities.

Alex Jones has a world of problems. I have to take Alex with a grain of salt but what is occurring here is wrong.One of the worst decisions Jones has made is the use of an Indian firm as Vuukle to run his comments sections on places as PP. I have refused to even participate in discussions since they took over.

These SJW comment mediation firms are an anathema to truly free speech and attempt to assign a numerical value to comments based upon how offensive they find them and who likes them!

The value has all to do with feelings - not the content worthiness itself! Also sick of TOS being rammed down my throat that are constantly being modified in hopes of silencing others.

What these people seem to forget is that people ALWAYS have a voice. If you refuse to listen in an honorable manner you'll eventually have to listen from a gun. But we know they don't listen to start. What they are most afraid is that people they hate most will unite to protect themselves by use of such communication systems.

That is truly the leftists' greatest nightmare - organized rational resistance!

"Mass intelligence does not mean intelligent masses."
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