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 The Bill To Permanently Fix Health Care For All
Daviddennis 3 posts, incept 2017-07-30
2017-07-30 14:47:23

Overall I think this is an excellent start for a realistic, free-market plan. It's interesting that I have not seen anything like this elsewhere, probably because most people don't have the guts or sheer bullheadedness necessary to put it together. I remember you from decades ago on the Internet Access Provider list and you definitely haven't changed :).

Even though I don't always appreciate your harsh style, I have to admit that you are the only person I know of who has actually tried to come up with a realistic, workable solution to our health care issues. So much appreciation to you for doing this.

I don't think enough diabetes sufferers have the iron willpower that you do to successfully execute the lifestyle changes you refer to. As someone with that disease, I have personally made an effort and honestly come up short. If Congress cannot come up with an Obamacare-elimination compromise I see no way it would ever come up with a compromise that did not allow the millions of diabetes sufferers to get some form of continued care.

What would happen if you ran the numbers of your plan without that specific vindictive feature? I would expect you to still get numbers far superior to any previously existing plausible plan. I think it would help your plan if you could include a "halfway but better" plan allowing diabetes sufferers treatment and see where you would expect it to take people. I would think that if you got diabetes patients on a plan with the low cost features you advocate, it would not be that expensive to treat them and your plan would still function much better than any other idea currently proposed.
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