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 CHRISTmas Musings.....
Stillfishin 159 posts, incept 2010-10-04

Don't you all remember when the New York Times said "God is Dead"??? Hell, they even posted that as their headline.

Guess what? They were wrong. But none of the politicians have realized that even to this day. They beleive it explicitly, and its proven by their actions.

Gen, you wrote;

"The truth is this: While there are plenty of terrorists nearly all of them are cowards. Oh sure, they'll try to send a bomb in a toner cartridge from Yemen (exactly how many toner cartridges are manufactured in Yemen, may I ask?) while they sit on the ground chortling at their grand attempt to blow a plane up. There are terrorists who will pack a van full of what they think are explosives and park it near a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, intending to kill dozens if not hundreds of people, including children, by remote control using a cell phone while safely beyond the expected blast radius."

"There are damn few terrorists, and most of them seem to have an IQ well below room-temperature, who are willing to die in the commission of their intended act. This appears to be a matter of innate wiring of the human brain, and is a good thing."

That all made me think what a great description of those who sit in the halls of power. You described them to a f-in 'T'. Only they didn't kill a few, they get into the millions. I can't think of any other terrorists anywhere who do more to make my life miserable, than those in the same halls of power as the non-beleivera.

Anyway, Happy Holidays Gen and all. I sincerely hope you don't really need such a huge pile of sticks in 2011....
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