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 In Defense Of Wage And Environmental Parity Tariffs
Sixmil 36 posts, incept 2010-09-16

You can't enforce our laws in another country. That's why free trade needs a WTO and an EU and all kinds of other organizations that are nothing more than a vehicle through which to give up your sovereignty.

If we charged reasonable tariffs, we would not worrying about any of this. If you make trade about labor standards and/or the environment, all you are doing is creating holes in the system that busy-body politicians can use to control your life and keep themselves in power. Keep it simple - a single, floating tariff rate that applies to everything; goes up when we show a trade deficit, down when we show a trade surplus.

Once we do this, we will have the maximum benefits of trade without giving up our sovereignty or independence.

The American Medical Association is perhaps the strongest trade union in the United States - Milton Friedman
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