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 To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations)
Mayorquimby 14k posts, incept 2008-09-18

To be perfectly honest, I'm actually annoyed that so many religious issues have been brought into the mix. This is a homegrown anti-corruption, anti-big gvmt/fraud movement seeking accountability for those that BROKE THE LAW and somehow we're suddenly discussing gay rights and abortion? I personally don't care WHAT or WHO a person does with his wang. I'm personally opposed to abortion but feel that's a separate battle for a separate time.

I was actually *very* disappointed in yesterday's rally. Religious fringe elements are going to kill this movement BIG time. I mean - they were SINGING up there! If people can't see how a 24-year old at home with his roommates would want to turn away from the 'hallelujah praise the lord' crowd for get it. Enjoy more getting pissed on by the left because the John Stewart crowd will continue to hold the 'center'.

They who wish to hurt you, work within the law.
- Morrissey

Gold is theft.
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