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2018-01-15 12:13 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 302 references
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That we live in a world where every single move you made was tracked by the government and big corporations. 

There are cameras at every street corner, in every building and even in your own home, all connected to a gigantic cloud that was intentionally compromised by the government so it could see everything you did.

I have a dream!

That in exchange for silently cooperating with the government in putting those cameras and microphones everywhere huge corporations worth hundreds of billions of dollars would be given a pass from privacy laws and allowed to tap into that information too, both to sell you things and to screw you out of thousands of dollars every year by perverting the so-called market.

I have a dream!

That "self-driving" cars will soon make their appearance on the roads, but will always be connected to said cloud by law, with disconnection or independent action being an absolute offense and subject to immediate fines and confiscations. These vehicles will communicate exactly who is in them, where they're going and where they've come from, building an impenetrable and permanent dossier on every single movement everyone in the country makes from birth to death that cannot be evaded or avoided.

I have a dream!

That the people of this nation would be so stupid that they'd fail to recognize that spending money you don't have is a bankrupt premise and can never work, as it robs the very people who you "give" the money to and drives them further into poverty every single time.

I have a dream!

That the people of this nation would be so easily seduced that they would pay money to buy a microphone that was always on and they did not control, willingly putting it in their living room and, for many, another in their bedroom so on command that examination of their lives could be conducted not only when on the public streets but when they were having their most-intimate moments.

I have a dream!

That it would be considered misconduct bordering on criminality to assert that one's draw in the genetic lottery is immutable, but if you're unhappy with it, or for that matter anything else, you have the right to steal however much money is required to try to become more happy.

I have a dream!

That you can come here illegally five times, be deported five more, come back again, then assault the passengers on a Greyhound bus and threaten to kill them and the mayor of the city where you reside, and who harbored you in direct violation of the law, will not be indicted, arrested or prosecuted.

I have a dream!

That firms claiming to sell "insurance" in an area of the economy consuming fully one fifth of all spending will be given the ability to keep charging you after the event you bought insurance against happens, and you require them to pay -- or they'll stop paying and you will die.

I have a dream!

That the people of this nation will allow a company to sell a drug here for $70,000 that you can buy in another nation for $200, and if you try to break that monopoly by flying there with a suitcase to fill with said pills and sell here you'll go to prison on your return.

I have a dream!

That when you need emergency medical care a whole cadre of people will financially******you blind, charging you $30,000 for a $2,000 hour of airtime in a chopper to get to the hospital and $100,000+ for "care" you can buy on a non-emergency basis in another nation for $2,000.  Then, with that not being enough to cover the salaries of the 50 "administrators" per doctor or nurse, and the multi-million dollar CEO salary, when they nearly kill you with an infection you get while under said "care" they'll screw you out of another $250,000 to fix their mistake -- whether you live or not.

I have a dream!

Assuming you physically survive the outrageous behavior of dozens when you have that medical emergency you'll congratulate them for saving your life instead of roasting them on a spit slathered in BBQ sauce when both state and federal governments refuse to imprison all of the above for violating 100+ year old anti-trust laws and 50+ year old consumer protection laws that are intended to prohibit exactly the long litany of of extortionate series of acts they perpetrated upon you.

I have a dream!

That should you have a child and have little money said child has the right to steal not only a public education through high school but also a collegiate education from every other person who has more money and deigns to attend, even if it places those "better off" young adults in debt up their eyeballs.

I have a dream!

That Hezbollah would be given free rein to import thousands of pounds of cocaine into the United States and sell it without fear of arrest, but any American caught doing the same thing would spend the rest of their life in prison -- all so we can phony up a diplomatic fraud with another country.

I have a dream!

That our own FBI not only was involved in leaving Hezbollah alone peddling all that cocaine but also intentionally concealed bribery of government officials and others in the selling of nuclear fuel for both power and bombs to the Russians -- because the President at the time was Black Jesus and his Secretary of State was the titular female half of the greatest crime family ever to live in the White House.

I have a dream!

That the very same titular female head would get a convicted child trafficker in Haiti off with a tiny little sentence, when the evidence appears to indicate that she was in fact involved in human trafficking and was arrested for same; after all young black children are worth far less than white ones and when the money is good slavery -- even sexual slavery -- is still ok, so long as the pimps are one of the privileged.

Sadly, there is also a dream I did not have.

I did not have a dream of handcuffs on Hillary and Bill Clinton, nor Black Jesus. I did not dream of President "Rule of Law" Trump demanding Jeff Sessions indict every one of the above individuals and firms, or he would be fired and replaced with someone who will.  I did not dream of Rahm laying in a prison cell for harboring an illegal immigrant -- who went on to threaten the lives of Americans.  Nor did I dream of those conspiring to import cocaine via Hezbollah going to prison either, or of the Googleplex, Spamazon or Facesucker being shut down for invading the privacy of Americans and selling their secrets for pennies while screwing them out of billions.  And finally I did not dream of the myriad health care executives, from hospital administrators to drug company CEOs to insurance firm boards of directors being led out in handcuffs to face the music for violating 100+ year old law, their companies laying smoldering in ruins and their executive staff all facing decades of prison time and confiscation of every penny they have.

Nor will I, because unlike MLK there will be no awakening of the US Public, there will be no outrage, there will be no marches, no pitchforks or torches.

There will only be the little mewl intercepted from time to time by Alexa and Echo, with Amazon, Google and the government chortling in glee as one is bent over the table, cheeks spread wide:

Please sir, this time, just the tip?

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2018-01-15 11:07 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 435 references
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If you had any pretense that the United States, including high officials in the government such as the President and his Press Secretary are not completely ****ed in the head to the point of abject stupidity when it comes to security matters you don't need to look at Hillary and the willful non-prosecution of her felonious behavior.

You need only look at Sarah Sanders.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders took to Twitter to call out Amazon after her young son inadvertently ordered an $80 toy using the the company's Echo device. 

"Alexa, we have a problem if my 2 year old can order a Batman toy by yelling "Batman!" over and over again into the Echo," Sanders tweeted on Sunday.

Oh really?

So let me see if I get this right.

The White House Press Secretary has a spying device with an always-on microphone in her home and in fact it is connected and working.  A device she willingly and intentionally paid for.

Said spying device allegedly "ordered" an $80 toy because her child spoke a series of words.

The outrage, of course, is that the device ordered an $80 toy.

The idiocy is not that said device ordered an $80 toy.

The idiocy is that anyone in this country, say much less anyone with access to sensitive information of any sort, whether of government importance or just personal private importance, would place such a device in their house.

I'm sure that in just two short weeks we'll hear that Amazon sold "millions" of Echos this holiday season.  I'm sure we'll hear how "smart" Amazon and Jeff Bezos are for doing that.

And I'm sure you will still have yours, you won't throw it in the trash where it belongs, or even better take a big steaming dump on top of it in its original box and send it to Bezos' home.

"You" collectively, America, all the way up the line to our White House Press Secretary, have knowingly brought a spying device into your house where by its very nature it must listen to everything that happens within range of its microphone.  What's even better is that you paid for this thing.

How ****ing stupid are you?

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2018-01-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 172 references
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nowhere good enough.

A California man accused of making a hoax call in connection to an online quarrel between two “Call of Duty” gamers that led to the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in Kansas has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Tyler Barriss, 25, made his first court appearance in Kansas via video link from jail on Friday following his extradition from Los Angeles. The 25-year-old was also charged with giving false alarm and interference with a law enforcement officer. Bond was set at $500,000.

Involuntary manslaughter is the correct charge for him.

However, we still haven't dealt with the "SWAT" team.  None of them have been indicted or charged and they need to be.

Let me remind you that despite the claim in a phone call that the caller had committed a homicide, was threatening to commit two more and had spread gas around the house there was no attempt made to confirm, nor was there any confirmation, that any of the claims were factual.

In fact there was no evidence that any of the claims were factual.  A bare phone call without verification of the caller's identity or location of any sort does not give rise to probable cause -- especially when it is known that caller ID information can be spoofed (if indeed it was.)

Again, not only was the man SWAT shot on his own property, in his own home, he was unarmed and in no way a party to the dispute.  He had absolutely no reason to believe that an armed cadre of cops was descending on his residence.

If the police can do this and get away with it then there is utterly no reason for anyone who answers a knock at the door and finds a police officer there to be believe that they will not be immediately shot without warning, and to act as is both appropriate and reasonable given such a set of facts.

The cops involved -- all of them -- must be indicted, tried and imprisoned for manslaughter as well.

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2018-01-13 20:44 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 4270 references
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There wasn't one false alarm.

There were two false alarms, according to reports now from the ground, about a half-hour apart.

They were not false alarms due to a mistake.

Someone really thought there was a missile coming in, and realized it was false only after a half-hour -- the point at which if it had been real everyone would have been incinerated.  In other words yes, it was a "false alarm" because there was no missile but the people who sounded the alarm really believed there was an inbound attack.

You're being lied to folks.

This was not a "fat finger" mistake.

A "fat finger" mistake does not repeat itself a half-hour later and, more to the point, the original alert wasn't immediately canceled either although the very people in that office who sent the alarm in Hawaii had to have phones on their persons and thus knew it went out immediately because they got it too.

So the question you ******n well better be demanding an answer to is this:

Who thought there really was an incoming ballistic missile headed for Hawaii -- and why?  Equally to the point where the **** is actual media with more than 2 firing neurons in their head, and why didn't the original story collapse and lead to immediate demands for answers as soon as it was made known there was a second alert.

Update 1/14 10:30CT: Hawaii now claims "one employee" did this by "accident" by pushing the wrong button twice.  If you believe that bald lie you're dumber than a box of rocks.  If any state or local emergency agency can send such an alert without an authenticated source message then they are incompetent at best and dangerous at the worst.  Are you really trying to sell me on the idea that one lone employee at one console, without any required authentication of the source message, can force-transmit a message to every media outlet and cellphone that the area is about to be incinerated by a nuclear warhead?  I don't believe for one second that this is the case for the simple reason that the public reaction to such an alert is likely to cost lives and as such both authentication and two persons reviewing same and concurring would be required to send any such alert in any even half-way competently-designed system.  They're lying.

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2018-01-13 11:23 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 156 references
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Political death awaits Donald Trump; the grim reaper has his scythe at the ready, and the undertaker is peeking his head around the corner.

Immigration "deal" eh?  Yeah, ok.  Let's review, shall we?

DACA: A flatly illegal act by President Obama.  He had no authority under the Constitution nor law to intentionally ignore several hundred thousand violators of US immigration laws.  It does not matter that they were children when they came here.  Their parents were not prosecuted and thrown out of the country either, may I remind you.  If the parents had been prosecuted and deported they would have (obviously) taken their children with them.

President Obama should have been impeached and then tossed in prison for that.  If you or I did it we would have been.  We're not supposed to have a King, but rather a President.  Any act of "regularize" these people without them first leaving and going to the back of the line simply ratifies lawless behavior.

Yes, I know some of them are "productive citizens" and have gotten educations, including in some cases college degrees.  But many of them are welfare leaches in some form or fashion.  Many have no aspiration other than the government teat.  Some are felons.  That's the problem with throwing the door open like this and refusing to enforce the law -- you get some good people and some bad.  And no, taking in the bad to get the good is not acceptable or necessary.

Any act that "regularizes" these individuals, especially if it leads to citizenship, is an outrage.  We put up with that crap once with Reagan.  Do it again, Trump, and you're ****ed politically with a material percentage of the people who voted for you.  I remind you that you didn't win by many votes, and you'll lose next time if you do this.  That's a guarantee.

The "****hole" comment.  What, the truth sucks?  There are plenty of third-world ****holes on this planet.  May I remind you that all governments exist with the consent of the governed which means if you have the balls, collectively, you can fix it.  If you want to.  Most of these people don't want to with enough of a burning desire to actually take the risk, including the risk of spending their life, in order to do so.  That's why these third-world ****holes exist.

Haiti is one of them.  Decades of corruption and extraction by the so-called "leaders", which the people lapped up instead of lopping off heads, made it so.  The reefs that used to hold plentiful fish were dynamited by the local people because it was easier.  Yes, they got all the fish this way.  Once, at the cost of destruction of the habitat, and now there are many fewer fish.  That's not just stupid it's blatantly so.  To hunt animals to extinction by destroying their habitat means you have no more animals!  Duh.

The mudslides the island experiences every time there is tropical weather are a consequence of outrageous clear-cutting of the land which destroyed the natural anchoring of the soil.  That too was an intentional act in some cases by Haitians and in others by foreigners that exploited the nation and have never been held to account for what amounts to an act of genocide.  Then there are the Clintons, who literally looted the nation and they too walk free; indeed there are allegations that Chelsea may have funded her own ****ing wedding with donations to relief efforts there made to the family foundation that never took place.  There's also the "wee" little matter of kids and possible human trafficking.

Of course we have listed, US corporations involved in this too.  Labadee and Royal Caribbean anyone?  I've been there.  It's a captive beach, basically and if you look closely you can see the razor wire around it.  Gee, I wonder why they need that if everything is a nice, beautiful sandy beach?  Uh huh.

Then there's the expected; when you don't want to talk about all the rich and powerful people who were directly involved in looting said lands and people -- those firms that clear-cut the trees and benefited from the graft and corruption, for example -- you pull the race card.

Donald Trump promised to stop the flow of illegals and send all of the invaders who were already here back home.

Either do it, Mr. President, or **** off and resign.

Do neither and you'll not only own the impending market drawdown -- yes, there's going to be one, and you've been stupid enough to base your popularity on the stock market's performance -- but you'll also own the backlash both this year and two years down the road when you will lose in a landslide.

I'll vote for Bernie Sanders before I vote for a liar.  I disagree with damn near every one of his policy positions but at least I know he means what he says while you, sir, do not.

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