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2021-05-15 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 304 references
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How many times have I talked about this over the last what now -- 15 years?

State Street Corp (STT.N) agreed to pay a $115 million criminal penalty and enter a deferred prosecution agreement to resolve charges the bank defrauded customers by secretly overcharging them for back-office expenses, the U.S. Department of Justice said on Thursday.

According to settlement papers, State Street admitted that from 1998 to 2015 its executives defrauded customers out of more than $290 million through hidden markups.

No prison.  Less than half what they stole.  Allegedly they'll "give it back"; so what?  It's been more than 20 years since this started.

How much did they make during those 23 years with all the robbed money?

They admitted to fraud.

They admitted intent.

They admitted doing it.

But nobody went to jail.

Not the first time either.  2016, here.

Or in 2017 -- here.

Or, if you prefer, how about in California back to 2001?

This is all the first time so we let them off, you know, once, right?

Oh wait...

I want this deal.

I want to rob banks.

I'll give back the money if I get caught, plus 50%, but you have to wait 20 years so I can put it in the stock market and make five times as much money and then that way I still get to keep a good part of what I stole.

RISK FREE, since (1) I might not get caught and (2) I don't go to prison even if I do get caught.

If ordinary people can't have this deal then why shouldn't we tell the government to go to Hell and do whatever we want, law be damned, and if necessary force them to leave us alone?

After all that's the deal Wall Street -- and Pharma -- gets.

Speaking of pharma, you know Pfizer, the Coof-shot maker?  Yeah, they're innocent too.


PS: Not one person has gone to prison from there either.

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2021-04-30 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 400 references
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So now the proof is in.

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was not killed.

He was not hit with a fire extinguisher, nor did he die to being blasted with bear spray by a protester.  There was no trauma anywhere on his person nor any evidence of chemical irritants causing a bodily reaction of any sort that could have resulted in his demise.

He had two strokes at the base of his brain, caused by a blood clot, and that is why he died.

Brian did not die "in the line of duty" nor was he a hero.  He was simply a police officer who passed away due to natural causes unrelated to the events of January 6th.

Yet the media and in fact Congress itself claimed otherwise.  It formed one of the predicates for the second impeachment of Donald Trump.  It was played across the nation for months, was the predicate for the fencing and division-level deployment of the National Guard and more.

All of that was a lie.

For how long has this autopsy been in the hands of various people?  Who believes it took three months to perform it?  Nobody, right?

So why.... now?

The media and others believe it's off the radar, it's behind the news cycle, and they already got what they wanted out of the lie, so it's time to let it quietly go away.  Nobody has been or will be prosecuted for the violence and unlawful actions that lie led to, of which there were many.

Nor will you hold them to account.

Indeed, Mad Maxine Waters showed up in Minneapolis and committed at least one felony -- jury tampering -- by making clear that as a sitting congresswoman she supports rioting unless Chauvin is found guilty.  Then Nancy Pelosi followed up with her own jury tampering by making clear that she believed there was only thing called "justice", and it came on in only one form of a verdict.  While that latter one might not cross the line, Max Max sure did.  You or I would go to prison for what Maxine did -- we'd be immediately arrested and indicted, and justly so.  No, Mad Max's statement is neither protected speech by the speech and debate clause; that only applies on the floor of the House and incitement to riot unless you get a verdict you want certainly qualifies as attempting to pressure jurors to act outside of the facts and evidence, which is the definition of jury tampering.

Rule Of Law?

Forget it.

It's gone.

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2021-04-23 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 1865 references
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What Seigel has to say here is just flat-out wrong and backward.

Anti-fear messaging is important to clinicians like me who attempt to help patients put risks in perspective. As a doctor who has both studied outbreaks and also the impact they have had on the human psyche, I feel it is important to provide context at all times.

Do you now?  Well then where's the context of these shots and reports in VAERS compared with the seasonal flu vaccine, which I remind you distributed 170 million doses last flu season?

On that data the Covid shots are one hundred times more likely to be associated with death than the flu shot was over a reasonably-comparable number of delivered doses, and like the flu shot, Covid shots were and are preferentially advised for older, more-morbid people.

Association is not proof of causation.  But it is certainly a safety signal and claiming it is not is a lie.

The CDC's death data also backs this up.  In addition it makes quite clear that the elevation in stroke and heart attack risk from Covid-19 is very real.  This is especially nasty because strokes and heart attacks kill a lot of people in any ordinary year; indeed, they are two of the leading causes of death, taking about 750,000 lives between them and putting another million or more into the ranks of the permanently disabled.  The roughly 8% elevation of that risk over 2020 compared to 2019 is very serious. 

Emerging science says that the spike protein alone is likely pathogenic and causes those events.  Indeed that specific pathogenic behavior is likely why Covid-19 kills virtually everyone who succumbs.  We did not know that in March and April of 2020; we simply took the spike configuration offered from the Chinese and presumed that without the "N" component of the virus it was harmless in the body.  We had exactly zero evidence for that belief.  The science is now emerging, which I remind you always takes time, that this was ruinously wrong; the spike alone causes coagulation disorders and obviously, in the blood vessels, that can lead directly to strokes and heart attacks along with severe organ damage leading directly to death.

We presume that the shots will stop the Covid-19 "infection" deaths and perhaps they will.  But dead is dead and why does not matter; if they stop Covid-19 deaths but potentiate strokes and heart attacks they may well kill more people over a few years than Covid-19 ever did while natural infection deaths may have already pretty much run their course!

We do not know at the present time but the signal in the data indicating trouble is there and is very significant.

This issue is not just in the J&J and AZ shots; it is also showing up in the mRNA shots.  So says VAERS, not me; go look it up.  The death elevation risk from heart attacks and strokes is likely to large degree due to serious infections with Covid-19 that become systemic and ultimately fatal.  But deliberately causing a pathogenic part of the virus to be produced by cells involved in the circulation, if indeed the spike protein alone is pathogenic as the science is now demonstrating, is criminally stupid for someone who is not already at high risk.

All of the current vaccines do this.

In addition people love to mix relative and absolute risk to deceive people on a regular basis and in every case doing so is a fraud.  This was repeatedly done in "selling" the vaccines to the public.  You must compare like with like or you're lying.  For example if the risk of death if you do not get the vaccine is 1/50 (2%) and the risk if you DO get the vaccine is 1/500 (0.2%) then while it is true that your risk of dying has been cut by 90% you only had a 2% risk of dying if infected in the first place.  That is, you were going to survive 98% of the time; now you will survive 99.8%.  That sounds like a fabulous improvement except if only 10% of the people got the infection in a year with no vaccine to start with then your base survival rate was not 98% since that presumes you got infected -- it was in fact 99.8% like you would survive the year without dying from Covid to start with!  That is there's only an 0.2% risk of death that can possibly be improved upon!  Thus you must now rate the risk of the vaccine doing evil things to you against the 2/1,000 chance of death, not 2/100 since if you get stabbed that risk is certain where infection is not.

But for those who are not morbid isn't 2/100 -- in fact the absolute risk if you are infected and not particularly morbid is, by the CDC, 1/50,000.  This is confirmed by the NY Coroner data, which when back-computed winds up in approximately the same place; for statistical purposes they are the same, and that is good because independent confirmation from actual "boots on the ground" in confirmation of a theoretical framework provides assurance that the "best guess" is likely close to reality.  Thus I am quite comfortable with that number.

The CDC also says that about 10% of the population (~33 million, approximately) people got Covid-19 in that they "tested positive" for it.  I do not believe that number because it is based on PCR testing with extremely high Ct values and we know that results in lots of false positives. But assuming it is correct this means that the actual risk across one year is not 1/50,000 it is 1/500,000 since you're only 10% likely to have gotten the infection.  Again, this is by the CDC data, not my data.  Note that if 2/3rds of those "positives" are false then the risk of death for a non-morbid person over a year would be approximately 1/1,250,000.  These are vanishingly small odds.

The CDC and so-called "experts" are all started out saying that the blood clot risk was 1-in-1,000,000.  Well, that appears to have been blatantly false too as the data on the mRNA shots says it's far more-likely than that and that it is not confined to the J&J vaccine. As more data comes in it appears that risk is more like 1 in 100,000-250,000.

That's a huge change and until it stabilizes, which will take several more months, I have no confidence in any of these figures whatsoever.

I remind you that the difference between the jab and infection is that the risk from the jab is assured if you take it while the risk from infection it only occurs if you get the virus, which by the CDC again was 10% over the first year and will fall each year thereafter with successive reductions in those who are not immune either by vaccination or infection.

Further, most of the deaths from clotting disorders caused by the shots are almost-certainly not going to be considered "possibly vaccine related"; a heart attack that results from thrombosis is not unusual and determining that the vaccine caused it with medical certainty may be impossible.  But we can certainly see an increase in heart attacks as a whole exactly as we did last year, nearly all of which are in fact caused by stenosis, that is, narrowing or blocking of the blood flow to the heart.

If that risk does not return to materially below the 2019 baseline when the data settles out through April we will have a screaming safety signal but there will be nothing we can do about it for those who already took the jab.  Why below?  Because many of those who had existing coronary artery disease had it potentiated by Covid-19 and are now dead; you can only die once.  Therefore that excess death should not only go away there should be a material dip below the previous rate until a new crop of people with coronary artery disease "mature" in their condition to take the former dead peoples' place.  The bad news is that we likely will not have a reasonably complete data set on the first quarter until sometime toward the end of June although I'll bet I have a decent if incomplete read on it by Memorial Day.

For people who are at materially elevated risk from Covid-19, especially if they're at serious risk of heart attack, stroke or are diabetic the determination of whether the shot is a "good bargain" gets much more complicated because we don't know if that elevation of risk also makes the bad reaction from the shot more-likely.  It might.  It also might not and be related only to natural infection.  But what is clear, even on the admitted data that Siegel cites, is that for someone not at particular risk the shot is more dangerous than the disease itself when adjusted for your risk of getting Covid over a year's time, and given that it is expected you need to take the shot again every year this will not be a "one time" risk either.  There is exactly zero evidence on whether if you get no bad reaction the first time that means the shot is safe for you or whether each jab is a new, unrelated trial on a body of one.

The bottom line is that you have to be crazy to accept a "therapy", no matter what it is, that is equally or more-dangerous as what it allegedly protects against.  Indeed the entire premise of vaccines is that they are much safer than getting the disease.  Let's compare with a common one that is also relatively new: Chicken Pox (varicella.)  Virtually every kid gets that stab nowadays.

Chicken pox kills about as many kids (IFR), on a risk basis, as does Covid-19.  Yet last year the Chicken Pox (Varicella) vaccine was associated with (not proved caused) ONE death and we stabbed about 4 million kids with it.  That is wildly (by a factor of about 100) less-dangerous than Chicken Pox is in a child and 2,500 times less dangerous than Chicken Pox is in an adult.

This is an example of a very safe vaccine against which there is little or no argument available on the data.  I will take a vaccine that reduces my risk of death or serious disease by a factor of 100 compared with the risk of infection adjusted for its risk of being contracted every day and twice on Sunday.  Indeed that's why both myself and my daughter have had accepted all of those common vaccines.

This is definitely not the case for any of the Covdi-19 vaccines when it comes to healthy persons; at best the vaccine is equally dangerous and it might be much more dangerous than natural infection since we have no data on intermediate and longer-term risk at all and it appears the clot risk is much higher than originally stated.  In fact on the evidence everyone involved lied about how "rare" these events really are.

These Covid-19 vaccines -- all of them -- must have their EUA's immediately modified by the FDA so as to prohibit their use in healthy persons as on the data admitted by people such as Siegel they are at least as dangerous as natural infection and on a risk-adjusted basis appear to be more dangerous, by a wide margin and perhaps as much as 10x so for non-morbid people.

To not do so right now, today, until further data is developed to fully understand said risks and scientifically prove they are much lower than the risk of natural infection in a non-morbid person is criminally insane.

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2021-04-20 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 2780 references
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Caution: This is a fairly long and graph-heavy article. It also should be read while sitting down and without coffee or other beverages in your mouth where they can destroy things if sprayed all over the room, such as a keyboard or monitor.

Boy, we got problems here folks.

Remember the claim that Covid-19 killed 500,000+ Americans to excess!

Well..... did it?

I have a gift which has served me very well over the decades; it is part of what allows me to be an excellent programmer and data analyst.  I can look at a data set and intuitively know whether it has discontinuities in it and this leads me to be able to partition it up and work with it more-efficiently than most since I then know where to put my attention when it comes to analysis.  Of course I'm not always right when I see something that looks "off" at first, nobody is, but most of the time it proves up.  That same capacity means I can look at an assembly-language dump of a program and rather-quickly among a multi-hundred page green-bar listing hone in on, for example, where a tax rate that needs to be changed is likely stored and then develop and iterate on a very good set of guesses on how an unknown machine's instruction set is likely organized without a processor instruction manual -- and thus determine how to successfully change the reference and/or data.

Let's look at the CDC's own data, which is the organization telling us what happened, and see if we can find such a data discontinuity without using the Covid data claim itself.  That is, let's look at all the other most-common and thus distinctly-reported and highlighted reasons people die according to the CDC and stack 'em up .vs. 2019, which we will use as our control year, during which there was by their claims no Covid and thus which was the most-recent year we can use for reference.

We should be easily able to see the other morbidities we were all told killed people; all those other conditions that were potentiated by Covid.  Remember, according to the CDC only a vanishingly small number of people died with no other cause on their death certificate; ergo, those other causes, if they were not going to occur anyway, will be on the death certificates and materially elevated over the control year.

Indeed the CDC itself says that your base risk of death if you're under 18 is 1/50,000.  This is a very small risk; to put it in perspective the average under 18 person accepts the same risk of death by being present in automobiles over a few months time and accepts it again and again each and every few more months.  So these conditions, which are the ones that kill people often enough to be of special note and thus be individually reported out by the CDC over the last decade or so, are the ones that are most likely to elevate risk from Covid-19 to a degree that is material in overall death statistics.  This is logical, reasonable, and thus can be considered presumptively correct (in other words the presumption is that it's right; you'd have to present a sizeable body of scientific evidence to convince me otherwise.)

I remind you that there is no base risk of substance from this virus absent some other set of morbid conditions; you accept more risk than the virus presents to a healthy person, by a substantial amount, simply going to buy groceries in your car over a period of a few months.

In addition note that the late weeks in this data set are incomplete -- often badly so.  I went on a series of rants last year on my page here when people were saying the current week data said people weren't dying at all.  That's wasn't true then and isn't now; it takes time to get the reports and correlate them.

But it is for this specific reason that when you see indications of a potential signal in data sets like this you damn well better pay attention because by the time the proof is delivered, if you're doing something that can't be retracted, you will have screwed an utterly enormous number of people and there will be nothing you can do about it.

Each of these graphs has its "X" axis of calendar weeks.  The 2020/2021 line extends beyond "52" because it keeps going into the new year but again remember that the closer you get to "today" the greater the under-reporting risk because the data simply hasn't gotten to them yet.  Nonetheless, four months into 2021 we should expect that basically everything for 2020 is in fact complete.  You'll also notice that while a lot of conditions have seasonal curves to them this is not true for all, and the magnitude, where it is present, varies quite a bit.

We will start our analysis of potential comorbid conditions with cancer.  Cancer kills a lot of people.  We were told it was a major co-morbidity for Covid-19; ergo, we should see a serious cancer death increase that happened last year and into this year based on the claims of the CDC and others.


Huh?  How come there's no material change of any sort when it comes to the rate of cancer death in the age of Covid?  Total additional deaths were 10,928 out of 609,000.  That's statistically non-existent; a 2% increase is very-likely simply associated with our well-established demographic shift toward getting older.  If cancer makes you more-likely to die from Covid the elevation in risk is quite small -- statistically speaking it doesn't do much to make Covid-19 more deadly.

Ok, ok, sepsis was allegedly one of the ways that Covid kills you; multiple-organ failure due to septic shock.  Therefore there should be a really, really big increase in sepsis over the previous 2019 year, right?


Ok, there was a very small increase - 2,470 deaths, a six percent increase.  That's a fairly significant increase in percentage terms but the total number of people who die from this cause, in whole or part, is quite small.  The original weeks, when we didn't know much of anything about Covid-19, gave us a pretty big spike; about 15% over what it was the previous year, but then it settled down and, while there was a burst of associated death in the summer that was quickly attenuated too.  It appears our medical system figured out how to stop sepsis from being a major factor pretty quickly and we stopped people that had The Coof from dying, in part, from sepsis. That doesn't account for the problem.

Moving on how about my favorite one..... fat-ass disease.  You know, Dieeeeeebeeeetus, otherwise known for most people as you keep eating **** for decades and it eventually kills you.  Yeah, virtue-signaling, "healthy at any size" bull**** disease?  Yes, I know, a small (under 10%) percentage of people with diabetes are Type I and that's not their fault in any way; Type I is an autoimmune disorder and while you may choose not to manage it other than by chasing carbs with insulin the actual cause isn't something you did.  But Type II is, in the main caused by being a fat-ass, which is 100% voluntary and a decision you can change at any point.


Oh look!  The blue line is above the red line, and materially so!  In fact in the spring it was really nasty, good for about 700 extra deaths in one week, and it's been 300 or so on average since.  That's fairly significant but, 300 deaths a week x 52 weeks is... 15,712 corpses or a 15% increase over 2019 levels.  Hmmm...... ok, we found some of it but for 90% of the people with the condition it's a lifestyle choice and not my concern nor is it any of my responsibility to mitigate your increased level of risk if you make said choice.

Next up is Alzheimer's.  You would not expect Covid-19 to have anything to do with that, but forcing people into isolation who are progressively becoming more-compromised both mentally and physically damn well might, essentially killing them through neglect and "I don't give a **** about you" style prison treatment.  We didn't do any of that, did we?


Covid-19 didn't kill those people, our governments, our mayors, both Presidents and we did.  We're bastards and we slaughtered innocent old people through intentional neglect because we refused to implement isolation protocols for the workers in the facilities and find ways for those who loved and care for these older Americans to have said care, comfort and contact with their loved ones.  We're monsters and they died as a result of us, not from a virus.  But even so.... it doesn't account for anywhere near the rest of the dead people.  Every one of them is sad, but it is what it is.  This accounts for 14,567 additional dead bodies, an 11% increase.  Some of that is also likely demographics but you can bet we murdered some of those folks -- we just didn't do it with a virus.

Next up -- Influenza!  You know, our old buddy the flu?  Remember, we were told the flu "disappeared."  Did it?


Heh wait a minute..... there were lots of flu deaths in 2020 weren't there?  In fact it was only a bit below baseline this year so far, although in 2021 it looks to be running low.  Then again, was I noted, beware the latest weeks; they're behind, so I can't draw any firm conclusions.  But this much is clear: Did Covid-19 actually kill those people in those other weeks or did the flu kill them?  Good question; remember that dying with something doesn't mean you died of something.  Did we autopsy those people to find out which was which?  You know damn well we did not and the two are quite-closely related.  The total?  5,095 additional dead bodies, a 9% increase.

How about COPD/Emphysema and related things?  You'd think those folks would have gotten hammered.  After all, someone with either condition has severely-compromised oxygen transport to start with because their lungs are screwed, and we know that people choke to death with Covid, right?  So sufferers of both diseases should have gotten it straight up the pooper and fallen like flies.


Wait, WUT?

The death rate from these two diseases in the spring and early summer tracked below 2019?  And then again as we went into the winter "death season" from Covid, again, it tracked materially below the baseline?  Would someone care to explain this one?  Indeed, there were 1,965 fewer deaths, a 1.27% decrease.  Since when is COPD, emphysema and other related lung disorders protective against a respiratory virus?

I'll answer that for you -- when they're using inhaled steroids like Budesonide and those drugs stop the virus from causing serious harm.  So tell me again why we haven't been handing that out to people who get Covid at the first sign of trouble, given that one of the obvious highest-risk groups of people died less often over the last year despite a raging pandemic respiratory virus circulating everywhere?  Gee, wouldn't it have been nice if we used the data we already had via natural experiment across roughly 20 million Americans with an extreme morbidity bearing on respiratory infection to stop people from being killed?  We had this data before the fall and winter surge and deliberately refused to use it.  Indeed it was that data that prompted the Australian-led study which we refused to sign onto and promote here in the US.

I remind you that if we had done so, and handing that readily-available drug out to anyone testing Covid positive had stopped the death equally as well as it did in the COPD/Emphysema group all of the EUAs would have been illegal to issue and there would be no vaccines or need for them as the death toll would have returned to baseline or below immediately and permanently and the pandemic would have been over.  This was an intentional decision as the data was right under everyone's nose all the way back to the summer months of 2020 including Fauci, Azar, the FDA and the staff of the CDC.

I know, I know!  We must have misclassified a bunch of people and they're in the "other respiratory disease" bucket!  That is definitely where the excess death showed up.  It has to be; this is a respiratory virus and so that only makes sense.  Whew, we found it!


Uh, well, maybe not.  There were only 1,838 more dead people in that classification, a 4% increase.  Meh.

Ok, ok, I know, I know, seriously immune compromised people, such as those with Lupus, all dropped like flies.  Remember, that's a serious comorbidity too according to..... everyone who is a so-called expert.  So all those people died.


Oh wait.... they're not dead at rates higher than were seen in 2019?  WTF?  Heh, wait a minute -- aren't most of those people taking Plaquenil?  You do know what Plaquenil is, right?  Hydroxychloroquine, otherwise known as HCQ.  You have to wonder; there's exactly zero evidence that Covid nailed them at all and most of them are in fact using that eeee-viile drug that the CDC, FDA and Pharma all say doesn't work.  Well if it doesn't work and being immune compromised is a risk factor how come there is nearly zero excess death among those people?  Either being immune compromised is not a comorbidity or HCQ looks to be pretty damned protective of people with a serious comorbidity.  Duh.  Yes, there were 1,818 more dead people.  Count 'em folks, they did not drop like flies; that resulted in only a 3% increase for a condition that was expected to be a death sentence if infected by Covid-19.

The most-likely explanation for their lack of death is the drug a huge percentage of them are using.

That would be two drugs now validated by natural experiment and intentionally ignored by all of these goons eh?

All right, all right, I know, I know..... heart attacks got lots of people.  It's gotta show up somewhere; it must be heart attacks.


Hmmmm.... yes, there was a really, really ugly spike in the first few weeks wasn't there?  About 3,000 of them one week, which is really awful.  That, times 53 weeks, would be..... about 150,000 corpses.  Except.... it didn't stay that bad, did it?  No, but it was elevated, and materially-so over the entire year.  This is problematic though because it goes to what I was talking about the science now saying that spike protein itself is pathogenic, and in the form of causing blood clots.  Clots, of course, cause heart attacks and then the question will become are the vaccines going to cause lots of heart attacks too?  Better keep an eye on this one because that elevation level is very material, unlike all the rest of them we've seen so far.  And here we have real death: to be specific, 47,973 more corpses resulting in a 7% increase, so whatever those folks are taking it sure didn't help.  THAT is an ugly number especially considering that heart disease is already up there with the worst of the "why you died" list.

Let's talk strokes; they're nasty too in the general sense.  So did they take a similar hit?


Uh, yeah they did.  A couple hundred extra dead people a week is nothing to sneeze at and also bears watching in the coming months because once again you can't tell much about the most-recent weeks yet.... or can you?  In 2020 we did have 12,404 more fatal strokes and that too is an ugly number of slightly larger magnitude in percentage terms than for heart attacks, an 8% increase.

What's the common thread between heart attacks and strokes?  Clotting.

And finally, the "aw crap we don't know what it was" column:


Ummmm.... Yeah.

Note that in 2020 this accounted for a grand total of 9,635 more bodies.  But in 2021, well.....

Now a good amount of that disappears back into the other classifications over time, so setting off nuclear alarm sirens isn't quite called for yet.  But anyone who tells you that there's no safety signal when you have a very large spike that is now nearly four months old and unresolved into other cataloged conditions has rocks in their head.  That's just flat-out bull**** considering that we now have over a year's worth of experience with Covid-19.

Yes, there's backlog, there's late reporting and there's updated reports that come in over time.  All true and maybe that finding will all disappear back into the other charts over the next six months or so.  But by God it had better, because if it does not and the so-called "authorities" ignore it there's your evidence, correlated exactly with when we started stabbing people en-masse, that people were dying of those stabs and if it continues then the presumptive linked causal factor is going to be established since there is no other material "unknown" that has materially changed during that time period.

I still can't find 500,000 excess deaths caused by Covid in 2020; they're simply not there among the diseases the CDC reported out and since the base risk is 1/50,000 even across half the population being infected we could only account for 3,000 deaths.  It is thus clear that if in fact Covid-19 has killed anywhere near the number of people claimed those other morbid conditions, all of which are serious diseases standing alone, have to account for the increase between them.

Indeed the most-common, by far (40% of additional deaths by disease) were due to heart attacks and the next was diabetes at 13%.  Between diabetes and heart attacks, both almost-exclusively due to lifestyle choices and thus your personal decisions, 53% of the excess 120,475 deaths are accounted for.  If we add in strokes, which also are largely lifestyle-related then we're at about 2/3rds.

Among those diseases that are allegedly "the biggest comorbid factors" I can find only 120,475 more deaths that Covid-19 may have contributed to and which included those diseases as a causal factor in total.  Did Covid-19 cause all of those 120,000 additional deaths or were they caused by, in the case of diabetes, strokes and heart attacks for example, the additional 50lbs that a material percentage of people put on during the lockdowns (and over 20lbs on average!) from eating takeout trash full of fast carbs and being involuntarily cooped up in their homes?  We do not know so this can only describe an upper boundary or caused mortality -- not a lower one.

This analysis doesn't mean even more people didn't die with Covid, but an alleged "Covid" death that wasn't accompanied by one of the CDC's specifically-called out diseases.  The CDC "selects" these specific categories and ICD codes, I remind you, because they're particularly large percentages of the whole among diseases that kill people.  When the CDC says that only a few thousand people died of Covid alone this data is rather interesting wouldn't you say?

After all being shot while Covid positive, or ODing, dying in a car wreck or wrapping your motorcycle around a telephone pole in no way implies you died of Covid, does it?  To so-imply or state is to deliberately deceive the public and inculcate fear; it is a lie.

Yet the media and government have in fact said it did because they have repeatedly claimed more than four times the number of people who the CDC links to specific diseases in fact died "of" Covid-19.

The CDC's own data proves they lied.

Further, they claim that we had "no evidence" for the effectiveness of repurposed drugs; that's also bald lie in that there are at least two which are specifically used en-masse by millions in the group of people in two of these morbidity buckets and both of them saw materially less death than was expected.  In other words we had very strong observational evidence across a huge body of people that these drugs are protective and did nothing with that information.  Had we acted and had those drugs proved effective the EUAs for vaccines would have been illegal, there would have been no need or desire for vaccines at all and a huge number of people who are currently dead would still be alive.

To be blunt: By the CDC's own data the FDA, NIH, CDC, Fauci and others lied and as a direct result people died.

Do you think they're being honest about the safety of the jabs given these facts?  After all it's your ass since they made sure you couldn't sue or prosecute anyone if they get caught lying again.

The CDC's published source files from which you can reproduce these results on your own are found here and here.

PS: How long before, if the "unknown" data verifies, Mr. Puddinhead is forced to go on TV and eulogize all those who died due to taking shots predicated on a bogus premise, specifically one crafted before we had the science on the fact that the spike protein itself is pathogenic, as is now known -- and thus any such attempt would inevitably harm or kill a significant number of people -- more than the non-morbid percentage who die from natural infection, since their body is able to prevent the infection from becoming systemic.

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2021-04-18 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Otherwise entitled: 'Warp Speed' Only Exists In A Fictional TV Series and Movies, You Murderous Pricks

Thank both Trump and Biden for this, along with a ravenous, I don't give a flying **** medical and pharmaceutical industry that has only one thing in mind -- profits.

Remove the only check and balance against that -- if you really screw the pooch you'll get sued and might lose -- and you're going to kill a lot of people.

Science requires time.  Time to form hypothesis, time to do the studies, time to record the results, time to think about what you observed, time to write it up, time to publish it, time for others to read and think about it ("peer review"), and time for others to iterate over that process, attempting to replicate or refute what you claim you found.  Science is not a set of bald claims, it is a process, and wearing a white coat in no way makes the claims more or less valid.

All of the "warp speed" EUA'd vaccines were constructed from a piece of the spike protein not determined independently but "given" by China.  It was simply assumed that without the "N" part of the viral protein it could not cause disease independently.

There was no evidence for or against this belief; it was simply assumed without a single shred of experimental evidence at the time and the entire premise of developing alleged "vaccines" that are designed around having the body deliberately produce said protein was, on that basis, put into production and used.  Our government bought into this blind faith and even went so far as to issue blanket legal immunity to everyone involved if it turned out to be wrong.

That was wildly stupid and I said so at the time.  There is in fact never a presumption that introducing a foreign thing that is not usually present into the body will not cause disease; indeed even introducing an excessive amount of something already present frequently causes disease.

Then there's the legal definition of a "vaccine", found in some state legal codes and all over the scientific literature which is: "A whole or fraction of a virus, inactivated or attenuated, that is introduced into the body to provoke an immune response for the purpose of providing durable immunity against infection by the original pathogen."

Note that nowhere does the definition provide for causing the body to produce said fraction itself.  That's because it was never done before as a means of "vaccination" and thus every one of these injections currently available under EUA does not meet the legal definition of a vaccine; they are, legally, a therapeutic which, again by definition, is a substance that is introduced to alter, cause, enhance or suppress a biological process with the intent to treat or prevent a disease.

All of this stupidity is on top of the other elements of stupidity and known risk which we also ignored and I have previously written about; specifically viral evasion from non-sterilizing vaccines and the actual promotion through evolutionary pressure of more-virulent strains along with the very real possibility that the Chinese, or some other adversary, could target said "given" protein via a bioweapon and use it to kill huge percentages of the Western World wholesale..

Moderna, I remind you, has been trying to produce therapies using messenger RNA for about a decade.  Very lavishly funded, this little biotech is not new to the market but had never managed to get past safety problems in the past.  This is not uncommon; most biotech approaches fail.  As an investor and trader who has followed this segment of the market closely for a long time and occasionally placed bets on some of them I'm well-aware of many of the blow-ups and occasional outright collapses; Theranos anyone?  Or how about Dendreon, which allegedly had the answer to metastatic prostate cancer? They went bankrupt; seems the truth is that they didn't.

What is Moderna's history in this regard?  Just like many others they have repeatedly tried and failed.  But their story is especially troubling in that it did not just include just non-working therapies; several of theirs appeared they might indeed work but they kept hitting safety problems:

In order to protect mRNA molecules from the body’s natural defenses, drug developers must wrap them in a protective casing. For Moderna, that meant putting its Crigler-Najjar therapy in nanoparticles made of lipids. And for its chemists, those nanoparticles created a daunting challenge: Dose too little, and you don’t get enough enzyme to affect the disease; dose too much, and the drug is too toxic for patients.

Uh huh.

Too toxic eh?  What happens when the thing you produce itself is toxic -- and you didn't know this was what you were going to wind up with because you didn't bother looking in the interest of speed?

Would anyone who isn't a Mengele-level monster have gone down the road of attempting to concoct something to make the body produce the "S" (spike) protein if they knew in advance that the spike protein itself, standing alone, was pathogenic -- that is, specifically, it caused abnormal blood clotting in the body?

You see, it appears that is in fact the case.

Here we study the effect of isolated SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 subunit as potential pro-inflammatory inflammagen sui generis. We investigate the potential of this inflammagen to directly interact with platelets and fibrin(ogen) to cause fibrin(ogen) protein changes and blood hypercoagulation. We also determine if the spike protein may interfere with blood flow, by comparing naïve healthy PPP samples, with and without added spike protein, to PPP samples from COVID-19 positive patients (before treatment). We conclude that the spike protein may have pathological effects directly, without being taken up by cells



Even now, a year and change into Covid-19, this is not well-understood; that's not surprising since it takes time to perform the process of science.  That paper is in pre-print; only time (peer review) and then verification (repetition) by others will tell us whether the conclusion is correct or not.

That conclusion is, if true, horrifying.  In short the entire approach to alleged "vaccines" was wrong; while generating antibodies against that protein would be expected to be protective deliberately hijacking the body's cells to produce it is also directly pathogenic -- that is, it can make you sick by causing clotting that could bite you either immediately or down the road.

Every one of the current EUA'd vaccines does this.

All of them.

If this gets into your coronary arteries it could quite-easily provide the basis for an immediate or future heart attack.  It could also occlude circulation in the brain and produce an occlusive stroke that is non-responsive to clot-busting drugs.  Both events have a very high probability of killing you.

That we are recording CVT incidents now, and yes, they are showing up in all of the current vectored vaccines whether using mRNA or viral vectors is, given this paper, a big fat flashing red light and 5-alarm warning siren that IMHO should prompt immediate revocation of the EUAs for everyone except those at very high risk of mortality from Covid-19 itself.

While this study also raises the alarm for the potential consequence of natural infection that too is an indictment of what we've done up until now, as I've repeatedly pointed out for over a year.  Sending people home without treatment of any sort, such as Budesonide, Ivermectin, even HCQ and aspirin is flat-out gross malpractice bordering on depraved manslaughter.  An infection with Covid-19 may produce this very same pathogenicity and we knew that back in April of 2020 when people started showing up in ERs with elevated d-dimer numbers (which are evidence of clotting abnormalities somewhere in the body) yet those patients had no evidence of prior cardiac or other thrombotic disease.  We've known how to treat that for more than five decades and yet we continued for a full year doing nothing for those with early indicators of severe disease either because we didn't look or didn't treat, allowing the virus to rage through them until they were choking to death, all in the interest of promoting EUAs for an alleged "vaccine" pathway that now appears, on the evidence, to be manifestly dangerous.  We intentionally sacrificed a half-million Americans by, in the main, refusing to treat them immediately on presentation of symptoms even though we have multiple drugs and therapies we had and continue to have reason to believe may work.

It's quite possible this same problem presents with inactivated whole or parts of the virus too; there's no way to know at present because, once again, we did not test it.  In short it may be the case that there is no safe vaccine possible against spike-protein containing viral strains of this type; we must instead treat early as doing our level best to keep that part of the virus out of your circulatory system is the best we can do and all other approaches are systemically hazardous.

Let me be clear on the risk this paper presents and its implications with the medical facts on these disorders: Heart attacks and strokes kill close to three-quarters of a million people a year in the United States and for those who do not die, roughly another million a year, both events usually produce permanent disability to at least some degree.  Even a small elevation of the lifetime risk will wildly overrun the death count from the virus within a few years and that elevation will be permanent and continue every year until those persons at said intentionally-elevated risk expire whether by this cause or some other.  By the time this shows up in the numbers compiled by the CDC as regards causes of death it will be ridiculously beyond too late to do anything about it.

A 10% elevation in the base risk, for example, means over 75,000 more dead Americans every year and over 100,000 permanently disabled forevermore as long as we keep using these vaccines, and for decades after we stop until they are cleared from the population.  If it doubles the base risk (and it might) then we're talking close to a million excess fatalities and well north of a million permanent serious disabilities each and every year, most of which will not be blamed on the vaccines, at least not initially since there is likely to be a material lag in time between the injection and the heart attack or stroke.  This risk is wildly more than the risk that natural infection presents even without attempted mitigation of the infection since even if you believe all the "case" rates reported via PCR (which we know are BS as many alleged "positives" are false) only about 10% of the population got Covid across an entire year's time and that incidence will fall due to natural immunity with each passing year.  By contrast the risk presented from the jab is not 0.1 over the last 12 months and falling every year as it is for natural infection it is 1.0 since you took the jab and if you start taking booster shots every year you will make another roll of that die.

The goons in government and pharma may well have caused the most-serious public health disaster ever in the history of the United States and across the western world.  We must stop it right now for all except those at seriously-elevated risk from the virus itself for whom it is probably a good gamble on balance, especially when it comes to children and healthy young adults, even though a huge percentage of the harm is now assured until these risks are fully understood and quantified.

To Fauci, the FDA, the CDC, Pharma, virtually every hospital, Trump, Biden and the rest: You are all evil, money-grubbing cock-gobbling monsters and Hell awaits for what it appears you have done, along with your refusal to immediately halt the expansion and promotion of this bull**** among healthy Americans until it is fully understood and quantified.

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