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2018-06-17 12:54 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 145 references
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If you don't think this is a serious problem worthy of instant incarceration or even trial, conviction and execution you're a special brand of stupid.

Even more seriously, text messages between Strzok and Page pertaining to the Russia investigation, particularly a text message from Strzok on August 8 stating “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.” in response to a Page text “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!,” are not only indicative of a biased state of mind but imply a willingness to take official action to impact a presidential candidate’s electoral prospects. This is antithetical to the core values of the FBI and the Department of Justice.


That's a raw statement of fact and one must assume to the extent of their ability it was followed through upon.

Now let me point out that all actions of the FBI are backed up with guns (that is, force), as is the case for any law enforcement agency.  Even the basic traffic stop is backed up with guns.  Refuse to stop and watch how fast they come out and are used on you.

Further, there is a specific law involved here: 18 USC Sec 2384:

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

An election is not governed by one or more laws?  Like Hell it's not.

That's 20 years in the slammer for both of these clowns -- and yet not one peep has been heard about an indictment.

Why not?

Because there are no men left in this country, and on Father's Day I'll be more-specific: There are no young men left either, or at least too damn few to matter.

This didn't happen overnight.

Before this outrage there were many others and exactly none of them generated a single instance of a even 1/4 of 1% of the American population showing up in DC to demand indictments, prosecutions and imprisonment, backed by an "or else" (or even un-backed by same!)

  • The IRS and DOJ intentionally targeting conservative groups during Obama's Presidency.

  • Obama's Attorney General knowingly running guns to Mexican Drug Gangs, some of which were then used to shoot at and kill an American Border Patrol agent (while most of the rest were used to shoot and kill Mexicans -- in Mexico!)

  • Ruby Ridge and Waco.  May I remind you that Weaver's wife was shot and killed while holding their child, obviously unarmed and of no threat to anyone at that moment in time?

  • Decades of refusal to enforce long-standing (100+ years) anti-trust laws against Amazon.

  • Decades of refusal to enforce long-standing (100+ years) anti-trust laws against any portion of the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  May I remind you that both have grown massively in size specifically due to these practices? The effective tax rate on the second $25,000 of income for a single person in most states today exceeds 80% as a direct result of this.  If you're wondering why you can't get ahead this, along with the student loan scam, are the reason -- you're literally robbed blind and financially raped at gunpoint out of virtually all of your second $25,000 of earnings a year!  If your innate earnings power is around $50,000 annually, which is enough to be reasonable prosperous, you are instead rendered destitute because roughly half of that is stolen outright.
  • Decades of intentional collusion, blatantly illegal under US anti-trust law, by OPEC, which obtained specific Congressional exemption in 1976 under FSIA (the same act that made impossible suing Saudi Arabia for 9/11 until terrorism was exempted!)  Oh by the way, lest you think I'm some sort of anti-Democrat guy here may I point out that in 2007, when Bush was President, he threatened to veto a bill that would have removed OPEC from said protection and the bill was killed before ever being passed by what was, at the time, a Republican Congress.

  • complete refusal to prosecute anyone for the 2008 crash despite it being rooted in out-and-out fraud on so many levels and at such a degree that the robbery reached into the trillions.  Never mind that our at-the-time Treasury Secretary (Hank Paulson) was a chief architect of said fraud and he had the balls to demand a blank check drawn on the taxpayer to rescue anyone he chose.  He got only a minor set of restrictions but what he didn't get -- and roundly deserved -- was prison time.  It didn't stop in 2008 either; Wells Fargo has subsequently been caught many times ripping off consumers in the years since and yet not one indictment has issued.

There's much more but let's face reality here -- it is only through the decades-long refusal of the American people, specifically young men, to rise up and demand that the Rule of Law be enforced that this crap continues to occur and in fact has escalated.

Western Rifle Shooters recently put up on their masthead the following:

You now have been instructed on the rules of engagement. At the local, state, and Federal levels, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches will do as they wish – with little or no penalty. You and your people should act consistently at all times with this reality.

It took them this long to figure it out?

I've been writing on the loss of the Rule of Law pretty much since I began this column.  Indeed one of the first articles was on Washington Mutual (which collapsed a bit over a year later) paying cash dividends with promises to pay tomorrow instead of actual cash earnings.  They were one of the many architects of the housing collapse who among other firms were flagged by appraisers years prior (which went nowhere either despite an open letter and petition to do so being sent to Congress and regulators) and once again, zero prosecutions ensued.

Then there's IndyMac which got caught back-dating deposits so as to avoid violating capital requirements which would have led to mandatory enforcement action (and that would have trashed the firm.)  They did so with the express assistance of a man in the government regulatory apparatus who did the same thing with an S&L in the 1980s and not only wasn't prosecuted for that rank act of lawlessness he kept his job and got to do it again, and again wasn't prosecuted.  IndyMac collapsed.

I've reported on all of this.

Not one prosecution, not one indictment and the only protest I've seen was ours and FedUpUSA's in the contemporary time frame that managed to draw a couple of dozen people in DC.

This despite, at the time, a monthly circulation for this column that was north of 100,000.  Last month's figure, by the way, is 128,621 unique people, down materially from the date of the crash (duh!) but still an utterly insane number of individuals who have read this column daily or weekly and yet there has been nothing productive done to stop any of it.

Why did I zero in on "young people", and specifically young men?

Simple: Revolution is an act for the young, whether via peaceful and political means or otherwise.


Because if the young people, especially young men who will become fathers or just have done so, don't give a flying **** about the future of the nation and their children, either born or to-be-conceived, then why should us older bastards get off our ass and take risk -- up to and including getting shot?

**** that boys; if you don't give a **** about your progeny, never mind your own remaining time which is far longer than mine you can go right ahead and eat the consequences of your pajama-boy behavior!

I'm not swallowing a grenade, either professionally, financially or physically for a bunch of people who don't give a damn.

For those of you, yes Covfefe you, among millions of others who think "Trump" is the answer, well where are the damned indictments?  500+ days into the administration and yet we have not seen one prosecution.  But what we have seen is several of Trump's campaign advisers and cohorts indicted and indeed Manafort was just sent back to jail pending trial for alleged witness tampering!

May I remind you that the White House just yesterday said it was "open" to signing a bill to give amnesty to close to 2 million illegal invaders?  May I further remind you that the so-called "trade enforcement" Rump has put forward thus far specifically ignores the value stolen by the Chinese over the last three decades plus and in fact the White House recently acted specifically to save Chinese jobs, not American ones, after a Chinese company (ZTE) was caught multiple times intentionally evading US sanctions -- and their actions demonstrated both malice and intentional concealment!  Indeed the best thing we could see for the civilian users of such technology is if ZTE collapsed (along with Huawei) and American companies had an opportunity to step in and produce the inexpensive cellphones that they used to make.

What could the Chinese do about it if we told them to pound sand and blocked all incoming Chinese goods-laden ships?  Shoot us?  With what?  Nuke us? Yeah, sure, preemptively? Uh huh, sure they would; Beijing would be incinerated in seconds if they tried that and they know it.  Conventionally attack?  There's a wee problem with that called an ocean in the way.  They couldn't get enough people here to matter and we have a lot of guns in civilian hands.  "Behind every blade of grass is a rifle", as the Japanese said not that long ago.  Never mind the fact that should we embargo them on a trade and currency basis their entire nation would go*****-up within a week.  Oh, and we could start action, and show we mean it, that with all the so-called "money cards" that Spamazon and WalMart allow to be funded and reloaded without a single shred of anti-money-laundering constraint and which can be cashed on the other side of our border anywhere, never mind the $200+ bags of "premium potting soil" sold on said sites that are probably in truth payment for illegally-run fentanyl which has its original source in China.

Indeed isn't it nice how our "large corporations" make possible (at a big discount, which they keep) the funding and shipment of such poisons and the slaughter of some 60,000 Americans a year -- by our "friends" in both Mexico and China?

Never mind that statistically-speaking all of the jobs created since 2009 pay under $20/hour.  I report on this monthly; the "gains" have all come from people with less than a high school diploma in educational attainment. That's looking at you, kid, yet the "Trump Train" folks are all over Twatter claiming we have a "roaring" economy.  We do, if you're one of the 0.1% that have made bank robbing everyone else while grinding people into the dirt with "jobs" that all amount to pulling coffees at Starbucks!  For those of median capability in employment skills or below on the other hand we have a record homeless and drug problem, never mind the suicides.  Yet you don't think that a one-bedroom apartment, to be affordable to rent, requires more than said "all new jobs in the last 10 years" hourly wage in every city of the country might have something to do with that?

But no!  We can't do anything real with our Chinese "overlords", right?  Oh, may I remind you as well that targeting tariffs politically to damage a voting block (which the Chinese, Europeans and even Canadians have recently said they intend) is flat-out unlawful under International Law and the proper response to such an act is an immediate bonfire with their Treasury Holdings on the South Lawn along with a 100% embargo on all goods from any nation that pulls such crap.  If the Rule of Law doesn't apply to them who gives a damn if we adhere to anything related to same?

May I "politely" inquire as the value of the W-88 warhead design that China stole from the US and why we don't simply deduct that from their Treasury Bills outstanding, discounted back to the time of the theft with an appropriate (at their rate of interest!) compounded penalty?  That's just a start, of course.

So on this Father's Day may I ask: Are there any young men left in this nation who give a **** about our country, its future and their children, either born or yet-to-be-conceived? 

If there are, where the Hell are you when it comes to the Rule of Law and why aren't you taking effective action right now?  I remind you that just a few percent of the population who declared a general strike and descended on DC demanding political heads on platters would totally screw the best-laid plans of those brigands on the Potomac and force their hand -- especially right now, with an election coming in a few months.

If such young men no longer exist, which the evidence strongly suggests is the case, then this old fart is going to enjoy whatever "good times" are left (which is measured in months or single-digit years folks, not decades) and when the **** hits the fan he's going to defend only himself and his immediate family until his resources, including his life, are spent.  This much I assure you -- he is not going to fight in place of you when you simply don't give a damn; you would rather play "Grand Theft Auto" on your fabulous Chineesium-made toys then get off your ass or do other than whine on social media and parade about how "wonderful" Trump (or how "awful") he is.  Never mind that if said old fart won the day for you and in your stead he'd be spat upon rather than thanked -- exactly as many did after sending a bunch of kids to Vietnam who went, despite their feelings on the matter, fought, were maimed, sprayed with toxins and generally abused and then came home to be spat on and shunned when all your "heroes" of today either ran away to Canada or talked **** about America on VC radio and were rewarded for that act of treason with a Senate seat.

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2018-06-17 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 223 references
[Comments enabled]  

Spoilers enclosed -- do not read if you don't want them.....

There's plenty of time gone by now -- if you were going to pay actual money to see this trash -- you already have.

So with that said, let me preface with this: I had low expectations after "The Last Social Justice Warrior."

I was not disappointed.

Rewriting Lando into a robot-loving (that is, "pansexual" if you will) dude is one of the most-outrageously stupid things I've ever seen on a silver screen.  Lando's character is well-established in the original films; he's a man and he likes women.

Sexy women.

A lot.

No, a robot with a female voice is not a woman any more than a man who cuts off his dick is, and an android that is obvious android is not sexy.  That's two strikes, and you don't get a third.

Then Disney had to make it campy on top of it.  Which Star Wars isn't.  Unless it's Han being campy, which he wasn't.  When they did JarJar they nearly killed the franchise.  Some people don't learn, like of course Kathleen Kennedy, the "all things must be feminist and inclusive" producer.

Speaking of which, what the **** with L3-37?  A droid that happens to be a feminist jackass activist and nearly gets everyone killed as a consequence?  Didn't we get that crap in The Last Jedi already in the form of treason by an actress who whined, cried and ultimately stormed off Instagram claiming she was being "bullied" because she portrayed everything Star Wars is not and fans relentlessly refused to allow that to pass without comment?  Well what the **** do you think you're going to get in pushback when you crap all over the very premise of a rebellion -- you know, they're trying to kill you and they mean it so you better kill them first?

Obviously once wasn't enough for Kennedy and what was Lucasfilm so the audience got served up a second helping of steaming gooey turd on a slab of diabetes with the admonition to "Have a bite, it tastes great!"

And if that's not enough we're supposed to buy that Lando loved that thing?

I'd say Kennedy is out of her ****ing mind but in order to lose something you must first have it!

Indeed the only thing Disney did get right was Han's arrogance -- and willingness to shoot.  Then again if you hate white men those are the traits you'd make damn sure are in abundance on the screen among the lead who happens to be both, right?  Call that a happy accident.

Oh, and firing not one but two directors (there's Kennedy!) never does good things to your budget.

Of course the "pundits" basically claim that Solo blew chunks because a white guy is the protagonist.  No, I'm not kidding.  It didn't blow chunks because you turned one of the more charismatic womanizers of the Star Wars universe into a lover of a feminist robot, the exact antithesis of what his character is, never mind being destined to have sex with himself (eh, how do you screw a robot?), it didn't blow chunks because your previous movie took an Asian chick and turned her into a "peacenik" that got a bunch of her own side's dudes and gals killed by committing an act of treason trashing an amazingly brave kamikaze success that was about to occur and it didn't blow chunks because you made a film that was about a half-hour too long and vastly too slow.

Nor did it blow chunks because Chewbacca was quite-arguably the best actor on the set, and that's not a close call either.  Literally all of the personality that made Harrison Ford so successful as the actual Han Solo was missing.

Whoever did the casting on this thing deserves a pair of cement shoes -- and that's being kind.

Oh, never mind with any of us peons needing to do that -- Disney is already getting fitted for them on its own with the tanking the film has experienced in the box office -- and not just in the US either.  International sales suck as well.

From an economics point of view Solo is an abject failure and, it appears, will result in roughly $250 million down the toilet in losses.  Oh, I'm sure they'll get some of it back from the inevitable $5 remainder DVD bin - eventually.  But the sort of blowout that everyone expects from Lucasfilm, Star Wars and Disney?  Ha!

Star Wars isn't a feminist -- or robot erotica -- playground.  I don't go to a Star Wars movie to see a warrior in a craft of war, fighting for survival, decide to kill her own people because "war isn't the answer."  Nor can you emasculate one of the class-leading womanizers in the original films and expect people to pony up north of $10 a crack for your garbage, never mind the overpriced popcorn.

And when the Wookies have the only acting talent visible within a mile of the theater you have a problem.

Yeah, I paid for an Imax seat.  There might have been 20 of us in the entire place for the showing.


How's that work out for your bank balance Disney?

Take your "ists" and "isms" you hate and portray as horrid (you know, capitalism for example!) and shove 'em where the sun doesn't shine.

Disney can make all the trash it wishes to waste money on but it can't force people to buy tickets.


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2018-06-16 13:00 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 80 references


Come and get it before its gone!  Email to hang this on your wall! 

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2018-06-16 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 184 references
[Comments enabled]  

Nuke the Illinois Constitutional protection on pensions.

Illinois teachers are starting their three-month summer break. But when it comes to teacher salaries, there’s no break for taxpayers. Last week, the Illinois legislature passed a new mandate requiring base pay of $40,000 for Illinois educators. (Cue the teacher’s union cheering.)

Yet, lawmakers refuse to cap the payouts for the most highly compensated public employees who burden the system with unsustainable salary and pension costs. The payouts are so large, by our calculation, the equivalent of $1 out of every $3 in individual income tax is paid out to retired teachers.

A huge percentage of these "retirees" have gamed the system.  They've double and even triple dipped, "retiring" and then going back to work to get a second pension.  Illinois allows this -- what they should do instead is hang anyone attempting it.

Then there's the fact that a huge percentage of these alleged "educators" are from districts where the average "graduate" cannot make change for a $20, or compute the sales tax on a product with a paper and pencil.

In other words they're functionally illiterate, but we're supposed to fork up a "pension" for their decades-long incompetence.

When people ask why I won't live or work in that putrid state, and left in 2000....... do I really need to explain it any more-clearly than this?

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