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2019-02-14 12:01 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 803 references
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Here you go folks -- bad faith, and President Trump is about to grant amnesty:


We need to have a serious conversation in this nation about whether those in Congress who are going to sign into law the raw theft of American tax dollars to give to an illegal invading force have crossed the line into seditious conspiracy and what, should such behavior continue, should the response be by taxpaying, producing citizens.

If this gets signed I call for an immediate general strike until it is repealed and every single Congressperson who voted for it either resigns or is removed from office, along with the President.

Update: Trump just said he will sign it so there you have it.  Unlimited amnesty it is, and Trump is for it.

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2019-02-10 16:53 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 190 references
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The talks have collapsed, according to multiple sources.


Because the DemonCraps insisted on reducing the capacity of federal holding centers for illegal invaders, forcing their release into America where they often disappear.

The number of beds needs to be increased to cover however many people need to be held until they are determined to either be eligible to process asylum or not.  Those facilities are inadequate today for the current load and reducing them further is an act of seditious conspiracy against the government and law of the United States.

It is a fact that the left never intended to negotiate in good faith.  Their intention was to tear down all constraints on illegal invaders; in fact their "Green New Deal" explicitly names income and health care as rights that all persons in the United States may claim irrespective of whether they are citizens, green card holders or here legally at all.

That, standing alone as a formally-introduced resolution in the US House is proof of their malfeasance and intent to incite an all-on fiscal collapse in this nation -- or even worse, civil war.

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2019-01-25 14:19 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 398 references
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You caved.

You will not only never get your wall, you also won't get any meaningful security or illegal invader reducing changes either.

No E-Verify.

No requirements that illegal invaders, including DREAMers, comply with any of the requirements of legal immigrants (e.g. sponsorship to prevent them from becoming a public charge, full proof of tax compliance prior to naturalization, etc.)

In short you gave up.

The invaders are here and will remain -- and continue to come.

The budget drain will continue, and accelerate, especially in the medical realm.

Medicare will run out of funds in 2024 at the latest if not sooner.

You won't be re-elected, thus you probably won't be President when it happens.

But, you and Kushner, and maybe others, will be indicted within days of inauguration in 2020 when you are forced to leave office.

You'll get to watch the implosion from a prison cell.

That works for me.

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2019-01-25 10:25 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 185 references
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Ronald Reagan famously fired PATCO employees who attempted to go on strike in 1981 -- 11,000 of them, all at once, after giving them 48 hours to return to work, which they refused to do.  He got sued.  The people suing him lost.

Those who are currently calling in "sick" but are labeled "essential" employees -- TSA and ATC folks in particular -- should remember that Stare Decisis applies here.

Trump should immediately fire and replace any ATC or TSA individual who calls in sick and does not have documentation substantiating that they are actually ill.  That would be basically all of them, by the way.

Ditto for any other "essential" government employee.  Refuse to show up, get fired.

Simply put this issue has been fought in the courts and is settled law.  If you walk off the job in those positions you're subject to being fired for cause immediately and you have no recourse for your self-inflicted injury.

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