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2018-02-16 11:04 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 519 references
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Right now.

And if he is not, then every citizen in Broward County has a duty to flip the bird to every Sheriff's Deputy, and Scott Israel himself, along with shunning not only him but every member of his family and every employee in the Sheriff's Office.


Because of this:

"If you're an elected official, and you want to keep things the way they are, and not do things differently, if you want to keep the gun laws as they are now, you will not get re-elected in Broward County,” Israel said Thursday night to cheers, as locals grieved the 17 victims killed a day earlier.

**** you Scott Israel, you piece of disgusting dog****.

The cops were called to Cruz's home 36 times in the six years from 2010 to 2016.  These calls were, in many instances, for domestic violence.

And much like the calls before – which were placed due to reasons ranging from the brothers beating each other to Cruz, at the age of 12, threating his mother and calling her a “useless b****” – law enforcement left without taking any further action.

But he was never arrested for any of this.

May I remind you that even a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence is a bar to purchasing a firearm legally.

Had the piece of **** Scott Israel done his ****ing job and in just one of the 36 instances arrested, booked and charged Cruz with even a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence -- crimes that were evident and visible on three dozen occasions -- he would not have been able to pass an FBI background check and buy a firearm.  A single guilty plea or conviction on even one such charge would have gotten Cruz flagged as a prohibited person in the NICS database.

So who's responsible for Cruz buying that AR-15 in a perfectly-legal transaction?


Now, having failed to discharge his state constitutionally-required duty on three dozen separate occasions, many if not most of which took place while he has been Sheriff (he was elected in 2012), this jackass has the termerity to claim that we need more "gun control."

No, what we need are Sheriffs that do their ****ing job and arrest violent people when they find them in the middle of committing violent, criminal acts.

The fact that SCOTT ISRAEL did not do so is the reason -- the single, sole, factual reason -- that Cruz was able to legally buy a firearm instead of being listed as a prohibited person in the NICS database.



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So the FBI, we now know, had a confirmed report that Cruz had posted a comment on a Youtube Video in which he claimed he was going to be a "professional school shooter."

The FBI claims they could not find the person.

This is a bald lie.

First, Cruz posted the comment under his own name.  Second, every web property on the planet keeps web logs unless they intentionally disable them -- and Google most-certainly does not intentionally disable them.  Third, it is this trivial to find out what IP number the post came from:

Note the IP number (partially blacked out, since this isn't a forensic investigation) right under the "Permalink" line.  This is displayed for any moderator on my forum -- which includes me, of course, when I merely look at a comment someone has made.  The user doesn't see that last line as they don't have the permissions to do so, but I sure as hell do.  That post also has a timestamp on it.  If Youtube doesn't make it quite that easy for their administrators it's not much harder.  You might have to serve them with a subpoena to get that information but when someone is threatening to shoot up a school getting a judge to give you that should take all of about 30 seconds.

"whois -h ip-address" (available to anyone without any sort of process at all) will then tell you to whom the address is delegated.  If it is not in the US you'll get back one of the other regional IP registries (e.g. RIPE for Europe, APNIC for the Asian Pacific region, etc.)  You then hit said party with a subpoena for the person or entity that had that IP address assigned at that time and voila.

I ran an ISP for several years (MCSNet in Chicago) -- publicly available from 1993 to 1998.  We used to get said subpoenas all the damn time and responded to them routinely.  There was no reason not to; an IP address is not private information and implicates exactly zero when it comes to privacy rights.  It is also highly specific as it is associated at any given point in time with exactly one device on the other end (that device might further distribute said access, but from an ISP point of view it's one account, one access, one entity.  Period.)

In other words the FBI had every ability to track down this guy within an hour of his comment being posted, if not within minutes.  Not only did that IP address almost-certainly map to a person's cable modem or phone account and was trivially traceable you probably didn't even need the second level subpoena to the ISP since the ARIN inquiry, which is publicly available, would map to the general region or entity involved and Cruz used his real name, which means at that point nothing more than public records were required to narrow the list down to a number of potential real people who likely could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

The FBI simply didn't give a **** and did nothing even though they immediately met with the owner of the Youtube channel where the comment was posted. Having done so they then did nothing, exactly as they did nothing when the flight school owner alerted them months prior to 9/11 that a bunch of towel-heads were paying cash for simulator time and didn't want to know how to land a plane.

The FBI's intentional misconduct in that former case cost 3,000 American lives.

The FBI's intentional misconduct in this case cost 17 lives.

Trump says that the FBI is full of men and women of integrity eh?

Well, my answer to that is simple: **** him and **** that.

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2018-02-14 10:35 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 163 references
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Oh please.

Of course on V-day Match is being touted by Cramer and friends on CNBS.

Let's cut the crap; the reality of such "sites" is that men, on average, must send dozens of messages to get even one reply -- and no small part of that is that a huge percentage of messages sent literally go into a black hole.

Women, on the other hand, have a "slightly" different experience.

What's worse is the enormous number of fake or old and unused profiles.  Of course these sites never disclose the statistics on any of that, because just like Facesucker the entire reason for you to sign up is that you believe there are all these thousands if not millions of people who might want to meet you.

Match is not just match either; they have dozens of "disparate" properties, so they say.  Over the last decade or so IAC, which spun off Match as a separate firm, has basically hoovered up all the online dating sites that mattered, forming an effective monopoly on that part of the economy and destroying the business opportunity for those who might want to enter the space.

This leads to the obvious question:  How "disparate" are the various "brands"?  Good question.  The company says it has 7 million paying customers but how many profiles are out there, how many are duplicates automatically copied from one to another (but impossible to get a reply from since the original person is not on the second, third or "N"th site) and how many are either fakes or so old they look like something out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie character on board The Flying Dutchman?

Am I surprised that their stock is on a tear?  Not at all.  Nobody polices the claims of anyone anymore, and enticing someone to buy something that winds up being a black hole into which one pours time and effort, along with money, and gets nothing back is insanely profitable and makes the stock market go up -- and we know nobody in a regulatory area will do anything that harms that sort of "growth."

Even when blatantly caught cheating, which recently happened at one "Match" property.

I note that Cramer didn't bring that rather clear scam up during the pumpfest appearance this morning, and it has gotten no wide distribution anywhere else in the media either.

Gee, I wonder why.....

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2018-02-10 11:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 225 references
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Wow, man, it's misdirection again -- on purpose!

A new audit about a Pentagon agency losing hundreds of millions of dollars is reported by Politico as an “exclusive.” While that’s technically correct, a government agency losing or wasting or misplacing millions, billions and even trillions of dollars (this is not hyperbole, folks) is nothing new.

Politico’s report is a reminder of what bloated, unaccountable government gets you.

Uh huh.

By the way, the report is true.  And while it should enrage you that our government treats money so cavalierly, given that you pay taxes, and they are running a huge deficit anyway, it is an utter misdirection, and an intentional one, to keep your eye off the ball when it comes to where the structural problems are in government spending that, if not addressed now, will cause the collapse of our economy and markets.

That's in health care.

Most problems that have some level of complexity to them can be "80% solved" quite easily.  The last 20% is really hard, but it's also where all of the attention is focused when it comes to the budget.  That above-referenced article, which managed to hit the top line of Faux Snooz, is just one example.  It focuses your attention on a very real, but mathematically immaterial, part of the problem -- and one that is both diffuse and common enough that actually fixing all of it will be quite hard.

As I've pointed out in my article "The Low-Hanging Fruit" there is a very simple fix for a $400 billion+ waste and scam in government spending that takes place every single year.  It also takes place in the private sector as well, and likely wastes at least as much there, so we're talking close to a trillion dollars -- each and every year.

It's not diffuse, and thus it's easy to address should people care to because it can be fixed with one policy change aimed in one direction instead of having to spread a lot of effort and attention all over the millions of government workers and thousands of agencies.

When have you ever seen a Faux Snooz -- or CNN for that matter -- article on that point?  Never, and the reason is simple: It would actually put a monstrous dent in the deficit, it would do it immediately, it's focused and easy to do and yet it would also stop a huge scam that is not only making a lot of people very rich it is also killing and maiming a sizable number of Americans each and every year.

This makes it unacceptable to actually do unless you, the American public, rise up and demand it, being willing to enforce that demand through any means necessary.  Why?  Because if it's done then all the people who profit mightily from that near-trillion dollar annual expense no longer steal that money.

That tens of thousands of Americans also don't die every year as a consequence of that scam doesn't matter to those in the medical and pharmaceutical fields who make that trillion bucks, and the hundreds of thousands of people who are employed stealing it and maiming or killing said Americans lose their jobs.

Thus it is very important that the "press" never talk about that issue and God forbid no lawmaker brings it up either because should any such debate happen in the public and traction be gained then a whole lot of theft will stop immediately.

Oh, and your Grandma or Dad might not only live longer, but much better as well -- and we can't have that especially when we can rob a trillion dollars a year at the same time we shove Granny in the hole.

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2018-02-07 09:38 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 1678 references
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 by tickerguy

There's not much more to talk about here folks.

Remember, that Trump's White House has said this:

 by tickerguy

So Trump has said, knowing that all of the people involved in the FISA warrant application committed perjury before a sitting federal judge, he will not fire and prosecute any of them, and that in addition one of them attempted to block an investigation of their misconduct by the Congress.

That's another felony; this time aimed at Congress.

It gets worse -- there is evidence in the text messages between the two FBI-cum-lover "agents" that Obama was directly involved in all of this including, quite-possibly, the illegally-obtained FISA surveillance warrant.

America is finished unless people start hearing You're Fired! followed by handcuffs and indictments right damn now.

There is no reason to believe America can remain a single nation any longer unless The Rule of Law makes an immediate appearance and all of the people involved in this crap are carted off in irons; at best it might split into two, one of lawless brigands with all of Washington DC, and a second where the Constitution actually means something and official misconduct is met with immediate expulsion and prosecution.  The worst, and frankly, what appears to be the more-likely case is that it degenerates into something akin to Somalia.

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