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2022-09-01 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 971 references Ignore this thread
The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine *
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Let's get to the bottom of it.

I don't give a crap what the CDC or FDA defines something as retrospectively.

drug is a substance you introduce into the body that modifies a biochemical process with the intent of producing a specific result.

vaccine is a substance you introduce into the body that is part or a modified whole of an infectious agent modified to not be harmful, and which causes the immune system to believe (falsely) that it is being invaded by the actual infectious agent and respond in kind.  By doing so the immune system gains knowledge of the invader so a subsequent actual invasion is met with an appropriate response (and thus you do not get sick.)

A substance that is designed to cause the body to produce a thing via its cellular machinery rather than by inhibiting or accelerating a chemical reaction is neither a vaccine or a drug.  It is a genetic modification of the body's cellular processes.

In 2018 I wrote on a Chinese bio-engineer who had done exactly this to two embryos which were then implanted into a woman and resulted in two live births.  The intent of this modification was to produce resistance to HIV.  The condemnation of that act was swift and universal; China's government in fact went after the people responsible and the international scientific and medical community reacted with horror.

With good reason.

Now Scott Gottlieb, aka "Monstrous Asshole who ought to be in prison", has compared the upcoming Covid "refactored" boosters to a software upgrade.

This of course is an admission the original was a "software load" -- that is genetic modification which is exactly what that "bio-engineer" in China did.

There is no such thing as a safe means of performing this act.  None.

There may never be such an act that is safe.  In fact, absent strict proof one must presume its not.

You are reprogramming the cellular machinery on purpose with such an action.  To do this safely you must know all of the following:

  • Exactly where the reprogramming will take place.  In other words, which cells?  Since the intent is to cause a cell to produce a protein that the body will identify as foreign it must be presumed the immune system will destroy all such cells that take up that programming.  That's the immune system's job.  Therefore you must know where, in specific terms, the cells will be that take up the substance or the body will damage itself with no way for you to to control where that damage occurs.  There is no possible way to guarantee this in the body; an injected substance will travel through the entire body although concentrations will vary from place to place.

  • That the reprogramming cannot become integrated into the cellular machinery; it will, with 100% certainty, be "one and done."  If you cannot guarantee this with 100% certainty then a person who you give it to may never clear it entirely from their body.  We already know this is a very real risk with some viruses to begin with -- varicella (Chicken Pox), for example, is not fully cleared in many cases and can and will come back as shingles later in life.  That is, we know viruses do this in the wild; it is not speculation.  If the introduced agent does not clear it can produce durable, even permanent immune system damage.  This is essentially (yes, I know, this is a simplified explanation) the mechanism by which HIV eventually kills you; it overloads the immune system and ultimately destroys it, leaving you open to attack by and death from things that in an uninfected person with a competent immune system are easily controlled.

  • That the uptake which does take place will not result in serious or fatal damage to body systems from those cells that are, by design, hijacked to produce the protein.  This is an extremely tough thing to prove but prove it you must because otherwise you risk killing the person due to the body's own immune reaction to the insult that happens to concentrate in the "wrong" place.  This is of particular concern with anything injected because we know the body has myriad defensive systems to prevent invading things (viruses, bacteria, etc.) from getting into the circulatory system and its machinery and when those defenses fail the resulting illness is almost-always either extremely serious or fatal.

A "traditional" whole-or-part protein vaccine does not implicate any of this because the substance itself is introduced into the body.  The cellular machinery is not tampered with because the attenuation or destruction of the agent's replication capacity is why it's a vaccine and not an infection; it is incapable of getting into the cells and reprogramming the cellular machinery as an active, live virus does because it was intentionally damaged to prevent that from happening.

"Vector" injections irrespective of the mechanism violate all three of the above constraints.  By design they enter the cells of the person injected and cause reprogramming of the cellular machinery.  This means that by design whatever cells take up that set of instructions will be targeted and destroyed by the immune system.

We now know this occurs in a very large percentage of the population who took these shots and we are seeing that show up in non-Covid mortality that has accelerated materially starting exactly with the widespread introduction of these jabsIt has occurred reliably across the world since the beginning and middle of 2021.

We also know that viruses do occasionally integrate into the host's DNA.  We know this because a significant part of our DNA is traceable to viral genomes.  There is no other possible way for that to have happened over hundreds of thousands or millions of years (before man was man) than for it to occur when an organism gets infected.  In addition we know that viruses frequently do not completely clear in an infected person which means their cellular reprogramming remains available to be executed and thus we must presume anything that reprograms the cellular machinery also may not clear until and unless proved otherwise.

To make this worse we knew in December of 2020, before the shots rolled out that the "spike" protein standing alone was dangerous; no less than The Salk Institute published a paper on this that was then peer reviewed and released early in 2021. That's a direct violation of the third bullet point and it stands as fact.

What's even worse is that there is evidence the second bullet point required for safety is violated as well because circulating spike protein has been detected months after being jabbed.  This is extremely strong evidence that the jab is not cleared but rather has become integrated into the person's cellular machinery in some part of the body.

And finally we have evidence at this point that the damage from the immune system attacking the "factory" cells which are induced to make the protein via reprogramming is, in fact, dangerous and in some cases fatal.

Now this sort of risk might be worth it if you have an otherwise-fatal condition.  If you have clinically-active cancer, for example, then if left untreated you will die.  Therefore attempting to reprogram your cellular machinery to target and destroy said tumor(s) might well be worth the above three concerns because the alternative is that you're dead for certain and thus you can only make your personal situation better.  I will note that Moderna has been trying for over a decade to do exactly this for cancer and has never succeeded because the toxicity of the therapy was unacceptable even in someone who was going to die for sure if they did nothing.  Let that sink into your head for a bit.

These idiots are now talking about using this technology for flu shots!

Covid, like the flu, is not dangerous to most people.  It's damned inconvenient and, occasionally, kills.  If you're seriously compromised medically then the odds go up that the virus will flatten you.  If you're healthy (for real, not the "healthy at any size" bullcrap) the odds of it putting you in the hospital or killing you are statistically tiny and we know how to treat it too if we stop acting like we can't and don't.

As a partial aside may I note that one of the things we know potentiates heart attacks and strokes is poor glucose control.  We know why it happens too; excessive glucose damages the endothelial layer of the blood vessels (the inside wall) and the cilia inside said wall that form part of that layer's defensive function against damage, both physical and via infectious agent.  This makes it more-likely for inflammatory reactions to occur and not be reabsorbed back into the body and if a piece of one of those gets through the wall and breaks off it will block the circulation and cause a heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism.  It is not cholesterol per-se which does this despite common claims of those who ought to know better because they've looked at either diseased arteries themselves or images thereof; the damage is clearly inside the arterial wall, not a "clump" stuck inside such as with a clogged up drain.

Folks, there is no -- and I do mean no, as in zero -- injection that can control to the last bit of material where whatever is injected goes in the body.  If you inject under the skin into the dermal layer, into a muscle, into adipose tissue (fat) or otherwise some of what you inject will inevitably wind up in the circulation and thus go everywhere.  It cannot be otherwise.  Muscle tissue in particular is some of the best-perfused (that is, imbued with capillaries, arteries and veins) of all tissue in the body because muscles require that circulation in order to obtain the ATP (energy) they use to produce output and to remove the metabolic byproducts of doing so.

There is no such thing as an injection that hijacks the cellular machinery to produce a thing that is safe in either man or beast and that cannot be changed because the very character of what you're intending to do is dangerous unless it can be 100% confined to the desired tissue and you can prove with 100% certainty that the cellular reprogramming you cause is "one and done" and never, in any person, becomes integrated and thus continuous.

An injection by its nature can never guarantee said confinement and in this case we have evidence that integration does, in at least some people, occur.

This crap and ALL future attempts to use such "vector" methods UNLESS hard scientific proof is presented that ALL THREE of the above bullet points are met, with the penalty for fraud being death for every single person involved in said fraud, must be banned except in persons who have an otherwise-terminal condition or disease, in which case with informed consent it is of course acceptable because the alternative is certain death.

Anyone attempting to promote, sell, mandate or inject someone with such a substance under any other set of conditions is in fact acting with depraved indifference, that is the legal definition of murder.

What's worse is that if we keep this crap up we will eventually wind up with a modification that is passed to the next generation and once that happens the only way to "take it back" will be to literally hunt down and kill every person genetically polluted in that fashion.  With such a thing in mass-distribution if such is passed down through even a single generation eradicating it will lead to a very-literal catastrophic collapse in human society.


Nobody has any reason to trust any medical practitioner in any respect who does not recognize, proclaim and enforce the above, and nobody has any reason to allow any political, commercial or social entity to attempt to violate same.


PS: When it comes to the "new formula" its even worse then all of the above; all the data we have came from eight mice.  Not one human, eight mice. This, by the way, would never pass regular approval but as we now know under "EUA" literally anything goes.  That would be bad enough, but what's worse is that those eight mice produced wildly different outcomes.  Yet there is no explanation as to why, or to what it means.  Nobody knows yet 170 million such doses were ordered and will be "offered" to people anyway.  If you allow that crap to go into you or anyone you love or care about then you're stupid beyond words, and if you or they get severely screwed or die, given these facts -- you deserve it.

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Comments on The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine
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Cmoledor 3k posts, incept 2021-04-13
2022-09-01 07:59:02

Good God. This just gets worse everyday. As you say, due to emergency, anything goes. Well if anything goes on their end, then perhaps we should take the same approach towards them. Anything goes. Just a thought. Cheers all.

The whole world is one big fucking scam
Its a big club and we aint in it. But we damn sure pay the dues. Rangeishot
God will NOT help anyone. Prayer is only worthwhile as a boost to
Olddad 224 posts, incept 2019-08-22
2022-09-01 07:59:02

Karl, your writing always leads one to think beyond the paragraphs you put to paper.

Though I have long thought of the potential for widespread social and economic harm to everyone through the removal of the jabbed from the workforce (via disability or death), I had not previously considered the possibility that a jab's harms could be passed on to offspring. Though somewhat outlandish (perhaps not?) in the realm of things, I could see that we are just stoopid enough to create zombie babies or maybe like that the NF movie "Deer Boy" where they created mixed species kids (the main character was a deer boy). And yes, the "purebloods" hunted the children down and killed them.

Perhaps life does imitate art. God help us.
Thombradley 307 posts, incept 2021-11-01
2022-09-01 07:59:02

My Cousin asked why I was So smart to not get jabbed as she regrets she did. I said I wasn't smart but after going through chemo I was not going to let some jagoff doctor lecturing me to get more shit injected into me especially since I had been exposed to several people who came down with Covid and I haven't gotten sick. Christ I feel like Im surrounded by hypochondriacs that Howard Hughes would call out as idiots.
Ocdawg 575 posts, incept 2019-03-14
2022-09-01 07:59:02

"... even worse then all of the above; all the data we have came from eight mice. Not one human, eight mice."

Read that statement. Read it again. After the FACTS are laid in KD's brilliant Ticker, those are the most chilling words I've ever read.

They are no longer hiding anything. They intend to kill us... PERIOD

And... we are AT WAR already... if you're BOOBUS AMERICANUS, you just don't realize it... and never will...

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."- George Carlin
GO DAWGS!!! Quietly reloading.....

Reason: We're truly f-cked
Wayiwalk 1k posts, incept 2016-11-09
2022-09-01 07:59:02


One nit pick.

Might it be correct to say that all of the people that took the jabs DO NOW have a terminal disease and thus reasonable candidates for further jab-sperimentation?

That was early morning sarcasm....

I keep thinking, "it can't get any worse" and then it does!

Let's Go Brandon!
Wishiunderstood 157 posts, incept 2008-12-17
2022-09-01 07:59:02

Excellent analysis!! I predict they will line up for it anyway. They are THAT stupid.
Prof_dilligaf 556 posts, incept 2021-09-02
2022-09-01 07:59:02

"we will eventually wind up with a modification that is passed to the next generation"

Can we say with certainty that this point hasn't already been passed? A simple epigenetic change that is initiated then passed on from the vex could be plenty dangerous, even without any modification of the DNA itself.
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-09-01 08:01:12

No @Prof_dilligaf, we can't say that hasn't happened.

And further, if it has (and it might have) we have no idea if that is beneficial, neutral or harmful -- and we might not for two or more generations.

That's how genetics works -- if you have a gene that is recessive but the other copy is dominant then it typically does not express. Therefore it might 20 or more years before we see the "bad" from such tampering and if its catastrophic and threatens the survival of humanity we will have to hunt down and kill millions of people -- or more.

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Motorelay 256 posts, incept 2021-09-20
2022-09-01 08:06:38

Governments, vaccine makers, and the corporatocracy consider us as nothing more than lab rats to be experimented on, just as in Nazi Germany. Somebody's reading out of that playbook. They expect that a significant percentage of us will end up dead soon anyway, so why not use us for experimentation?

Incredible levels of evil in the world today.
Dingleberry 912 posts, incept 2011-11-06
2022-09-01 08:06:46

The jab booster is the software update equivalent of Windows 8. With the added bonus of death or disability. When I update my phone or computer....something always seems to go to shit, so I suppose the analogy is apt.

I wonder how many will actually take the booster? My best guess is no more than 30% of the originally jabbed, but I may be giving too much credit to the (m)asses.

Where I live, the Karenoma has gone into remission, but flu season is around the corner. Perhaps the hysterics and insanity will return.
Raven 17k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2022-09-01 08:25:02

Rather sad when we have to use China as an example of doing the right thing.

The Chinese want to be a world power. We really do not, only playing at it for a very long time. One can be a world power without entanglements, a do not fuck with us attitude and capability.

Perhaps we can learn that a people with a mission to succeed do certain things and have defined standards for their society.

We do not, and treat ourselves accordingly.
Thelazer 1k posts, incept 2009-05-11
2022-09-01 08:37:27

The culling will take place, one way or another it seems.
Blanca 589 posts, incept 2020-07-25
2022-09-01 08:43:56

This is excellent and should cause many to wonder WHY is this happening? Have those in charge lost their minds?

UC Berkeley is now requiring students who won't take the flu shot to mask up. It doesn't matter that masks don't work, the flu jabs, by the CDC's own stats are less than 50% effective, and that the young people won't die of the flu. So why is there such a rule?

As our society moves from a nation that once enjoyed liberty to one that is increasingly totalitarian, those in charge need their subjects to simply follow their mandates. When you don't do what the state wants, you must be punished. It doesn't matter what the action is that the state wants to compel - you must comply or face the wrath of the bureaucrats.

When I was a young man, I entered the military. I had to do all sorts of silly and stupid things so that I could be reprogrammed to accept orders blindly. Patton said "if you can't get them to salute when they should salute and wear the clothes you tell them to wear, how are you going to get them to die for their country?" And so I couldn't have water in my sink, or trash in my trash can. I couldn't sleep under the sheets in the bed. I couldn't speak unless spoken to. I had to confine my route to any location to the approved path. No walking on the grass! All of that training was justified to change me into a soldier. If the commander ordered me to storm a machine gun battery, and certain death, I had to do it without question. And now that I am old, I look back on all of this training as perhaps necessary for a time, but ridiculous.

Society is being reprogrammed to do unquestionably what they are told. Take the jab, wear a mask, socially distance, be afraid. Even though these measures don't work, and most of the bureaucrats know they don't, it doesn't matter. The important thing in the minds of these pea-sized brain charlatans is that we comply. People that won't comply are a danger to the fascist state.

In most of the world, the response to a relatively benign virus has been infuriating. It has caused more death and destruction than if we had done nothing. Yet the insanity continues and there will be many foolish people who will take the updated jab formula. And some of them will die as a result.

The same foolish virus reaction, foisted on us by the out-of-touch elite, is similar to the thought that one can change his sex by cutting off his genitals, or taking hormones. Scientists know what defines a man and a woman (XY/XX chromosome). Yet they deny this truth to advance the cause, and thousands will mutilate themselves and suffer early death as a result. And they are applauded by the sick and depraved reprobates.

The history of nations shows clearly that once a nation behaves as we are behaving, it will collapse. I know of few examples where the nation repented and turned itself around. The United States (and much of the West) are experiencing the death rattle. We can't vote our way out of this mess. I'm old and have lived a good life. The young are the ones who are screwed. They will not experience the liberties and the standard of living that I enjoyed.
Boredfree 2k posts, incept 2021-09-15
2022-09-01 08:45:27

A bit OT, but I want to express how amazing it is that the Ticker Community is one of the best sources of cutting edge medicine I've read!

I really appreciate everyone's research and the information they share. The posts about fasting have really opened my eyes to how I can improve my health, and keep healthier.

Yesterday I was looking at a potential job for the electrician I work for (installing Enphase batteries at a home with a nat gas generator and solar) the homeowner became paralyzed from complications of West Nile and wants to insure he is able to have power for all the devices which make his life easier (lifts, power chair,ect)

After we introduced ourselves, we had a little chitchat about life and, due to his disability, health.

We talked inflammation, and fasting and I thought I was living a Ticker. Really nice man, gives me hope.

What makes me angry (there's a list...) is the information we're discussing isn't that new, it just doesn't get much press. Too many people are getting paid to stay dumb about alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

Our society's problem isn't a lack of information. It's too much information and the natural human trait of confirmation bias: we gravitate towards information which reaffirms our beliefs.

Today's Ticker is frightening to contemplate. Human life on earth is as amazing as it is fragile. Debate all you want about our origins; if we keep screwing around with our cells homo sapien sapien is going away. What replaces us (if anything) is an interesting mental flight of fancy, but also not what I want to witness.

Strange days are here.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Ticker since Karl went keto. Because of you, when I die, I'm going to be healthy!

Preferably without an instant manmade tan...

The problem is most people want to point a finger rather than their thumb when dealing with challenges.
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-09-01 08:49:33

@Boredfree -
Today's Ticker is frightening to contemplate. Human life on earth is as amazing as it is fragile. Debate all you want about our origins; if we keep screwing around with our cells homo sapien sapien is going away. What replaces us (if anything) is an interesting mental flight of fancy, but also not what I want to witness.

"Go away" is extremely unlikely. Life as we know it exists because of a huge number of intertwined things that, when thought of chemically, are "buffering reactions." Your body has hundreds of them at a "macro" level and thousands or more at a "micro" level, all of which act to drive the specific thing toward a centroid which is "best."

Nature is full of them too. Our entire planet is inhabitable because of them. This is the big fallacy behind so-called "climate science" and similar, and it drove crazy crap before too - the premise that setting off a nuclear weapon would "ignite the atmosphere", for example. Well, it didn't, did it?

Shouldn't have someone considered that an insult orders of magnitude larger had occurred naturally in the past and the atmosphere was still here?

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Jpg 906 posts, incept 2009-03-23
2022-09-01 09:01:04

...if its catastrophic and threatens the survival of humanity we will have to hunt down and kill millions of people -- or more.

Why would it be necessary to actually kill them rather than merely sterilizing them?
Disgusted 590 posts, incept 2021-07-20
2022-09-01 09:01:27

It makes perfect sense now that I saw Midget Mengele yesterday claiming that the flu season this year will be really bad. They plan on using the same shit technology for the coming flu vaccines. They want to kill everyone, period. Evil has reached another level. I took a tetanus booster about 4 years ago. That's the last "vaccine" I will ever take.
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-09-01 09:01:18

Do you think they'll CONSENT to be sterilized @Jpg?

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Boredfree 2k posts, incept 2021-09-15
2022-09-01 09:01:40

These pharmaceutical companies are like rednecks with explosives (ahem... me) except for what they say right before the stupid happens.

Hold my test tube and inject this...

It just hit me that the scariest part of this mess is how many said, "YES!" to being lab rats.

What happens in the future with these people? Do they lose all trust in authority? Or do they double down on stupid and willingly do whatever is demanded if them?

How this quandary resolves itself will likely influence our species for generations.

The problem is most people want to point a finger rather than their thumb when dealing with challenges.

Reason: What becomes of the yes men ...
Mrbobo 191 posts, incept 2021-12-01
2022-09-01 09:06:39

Post web 2.0 every middle manager and up has made tortured tech analogies I guess in an attempt to channel Jobs or some other tech "visionary".
I'm shocked the word agile has not been used to describe their process.
Unfortunately, the uncaught exception causing a crash requires defibrillator paddles.
Prof_dilligaf 556 posts, incept 2021-09-02
2022-09-01 09:06:44

"Why would it be necessary to actually kill them rather than merely sterilizing them?"

Because it's the only way to be sure.

Reason: Typical typo II
Themacallan 92 posts, incept 2008-03-29
2022-09-01 09:19:08

Unfortunately, it will be fascinating to see what happens as the body runs simultaneous, foreign genetic processes on the cells.

Best of luck to the first volunteers in line. I don't see it ending well.

"This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it." ~Admiral Josh Painter, The Hunt for Red October.
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-09-01 09:19:22

It is very likely to end poorly; the only question is "how poorly?"

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Samiam 152 posts, incept 2021-05-11
2022-09-01 09:22:20

I gave up trusting in medicine last summer when, after multiple years of living with worsening stomach pain that came and went in about a 6 month cycle, I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with uncontrollable vomiting (rushed in Sweden means an hour and a half drive so I was going to the hospital of the Kommun I lived in as opposed to the nearest one...). Once there, it was finally confirmed that my appendix was the cause. I was promised an operation the next day to remove it since it hadn't burst yet. The next morning, I was forced to eat breakfast and then told in the afternoon that b/c I had had breakfast they couldn't operate on me. Very late that evening (The next morning actually) I was examined by an older surgeon who looked at me and said to the other, younger man with him, "there is nothing wrong with this woman...I'm going to have her sent home tomorrow". He then turned to me and said the same exact thing to me upon which point I became livid! I switched to English and handed him his head on a platter. He finally said that he would have them operate in the morning but said if he was the surgeon, and my appendix looked fine, he wouldn't remove it...

I spent the rest of the night praying he wouldn't be my surgeon and he wasn't! I had a female surgeon operate on me who had had another patient a few years back present with the same symptoms building up over the course of years. She removed her appendix and the woman never had a problem again so she took mine out as well. I knew when I woke up that she had removed it b/c the excruciating pain I had been in was gone...

I spent 4 years going to the ER every 6 months or so with building pain and constant background pain and nothing was done till I was finally at death's door...literally at death's temp when they took me in was 95.3...the EMT's kept saying, she can't be that cold...I am amazed that I survived...but b/c of that experience and now dealing with these stupid shots, I don't think I will ever trust medicine again..

Not my monkey, not my circus
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