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2018-05-27 12:02 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 30 references


Email now to have this on your wall!  An original piece, on canvas, ready to hang and enjoy.

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2018-05-27 11:32 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 90 references
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It's time to put a stop to this crap by the left, including one specific grand-standing politician wannabe, Dylan Ratigan.

Yes, I'm calling you out specifically, *******.

One of the latest lefty horsecrap arguments is that it's "terrible" that we separate parents from their children who enter the United States illegally.  This is an "outrage", supposedly, because there is some argument that one should never separate a child from their parents.

Oh really?  You mean an abusive jackass who, for instance, sexually assaults their child should not be separated from said child?

Ah, you don't really believe that, right?

Well then we are now arguing over where the line is, not whether there is a line.

So here's my point to all you grandstanding politicians, all of whom should be debarred from public life forever along with all of those who are benefiting from their bull**** which includes their entire family.

It's simply this:

Someone who intentionally commits a criminal offense while using their child or children as props is a monster.

They are by definition an unfit parent.  They are by definition a child abuser and worse, they are abusing their children to generate political and social sympathy for their criminal act.

Those "homo sapiens" are unfit to have custody of a hamster, say much less children.  

They have forfeited any claim to humanity by using a child as a human shield in a bid to avoid prosecution and deportation for knowingly and intentionally entering the United States illegally.

With that said there are a small number of individuals who have legitimately presented themselves at a border checkpoint which is the first safe nation they reached after leaving their homeland, with children, and requested asylum -- yet have been separated from their kids.  This is a legitimate issue but it has arisen due to overcrowding in our intake facilities resulting from the vast number of illegal invaders who have used children as shields and clogged up the facilities intended for legitimate asylum seekers traveling with children who's first point of contact with a safe nation is the United States.

Rather than demand that all of those illegal invaders be prosecuted and deported, and that those who preferentially skip international protocol on purpose, intentionally failing to apply for asylum in the first safe nation they reach for the express purpose of sucking off American taxpayer money (that is, their "asylum" request is false; what they are actually seeking is money) be immediately denied and returned to said first safe nation they entered, which would free up the space necessary to hold those who are legitimate seekers of asylum in the United States, we instead have politicians and wannabes screaming about protecting criminals who use children as props.

May you all burn in Hell for your outrageous pronouncements and intentional twisting of the truth.

If any of said politicians had trouble parsing the above let me boil it down for you into something you should be able to understand:


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2018-05-27 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 112 references
[Comments enabled]  

Let me see if I get this right.

"Mr. Weinstein has always maintained that any sexual activity he engaged in was consensual," his lawyer said adding that bad behavior is not on trial. "Mr. Weinstein did not invent the casting couch in Hollywood."

Sex in exchange for money (a job, in other words) is commonly called prostitution.  I seem to remember that while it is legal in much of Nevada it is also regulated for damn good reason -- STD control being one of the damn good reasons.

Sex through coercion or force is commonly called rape.

It is rape to demand sex in return for a job?  I would say no, that's prostitution provided that the person you proposition can leave of their own free will (that is, they can turn you down.)  The question then becomes was that the case or was the person or persons involved here not free to leave?

In other words did the line get crossed between sex for money and sex by means of force?

I guess that's what a jury is going to get to figure out, and that's how it should be.

In the meantime can we keep talking about this general theme for a minute?

Who came up with the idea for Show Dogs?

You know, the movie, a nice kid-friendly movie, right -- in which dogs that can talk are subjected to unwilling fondling of their genitals?

This is a movie aimed at kids in which humanized dogs are groomed to be "ok" with being fondled.

But it doesn't end there; we also have an act of submission by a victim toward their abuser when the opportunity to not be nice certainly exists.  Gee, that doesn't send a nice message too, right?

This is what Hollyweird is folks -- twisted, sick crap.  Yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of kids who would find the original scene (which apparently has now been edited out and the movie re-released) but that's not the point -- who the hell wrote that trash in the first place?  And who thinks it's also worthy to take a humanized animal and make same conciliatory toward someone who was abusive toward them -- specifically by injecting them with illegal drugs?

Do you think we have a wee culture problem here in America folks?

Incidentally I bet all those nice "immigrants" over in Europe will be thrilled with the original Show Dogs cut.  After all they don't believe women have the right to say "no" -- or to have a clitoris, for that matter.

More on that soon, along with England jailing someone for mere reporting on those very same "believers" grooming kids just like the dog is groomed.

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2018-05-26 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Technology , 189 references
[Comments enabled]  

No, folks, the hacking has not let up.

As I've pointed out my HomeDaemon-MCP machine has been laughing at state-level style nasties for quite some time, with a few "hall of shame" notes in this column.

Now comes this warning from Talos:

For several months, Talos has been working with public- and private-sector threat intelligence partners and law enforcement in researching an advanced, likely state-sponsored or state-affiliated actor's widespread use of a sophisticated modular malware system we call "VPNFilter." We have not completed our research, but recent events have convinced us that the correct way forward is to now share our findings so that affected parties can take the appropriate action to defend themselves. In particular, the code of this malware overlaps with versions of the BlackEnergy malware — which was responsible for multiple large-scale attacks that targeted devices in Ukraine.

This is exactly why you can't have anything that is potentially-vulnerable on the public-facing side of the Internet at your home or office.


The list of known problem devices that are being targeted include a lot of popular WiFi routers, for one, along with NAS devices popular with small and home office users.

I don't think I need to explain why having your office data stash penetrated and stolen is bad, nor why someone getting into your home or small-office WiFi router could easily be catastrophically bad.

The damage that someone can easily do, including spying, theft, alteration of data and similar if they get inside what you believe is a "secure" perimeter network is typically somewhere between severe and, in the case of a business, literal business-ending catastrophic.  Never mind the potential exposure if said party then uses your connection to do something severely-criminal; while the common home user is unlikely to get charged the disruption to your life in having the authorities show up and worse, if you're a small business, what happens to your reputation if such a "take-over" is then abused to ship things around like child pornography ought to be enough to keep you up at night.

This sort of problem is not going to go away, and as soon as you allow anything that might matter to you and is on all the time to be behind or in such a "gateway" you are at severe risk.  As soon as those "things" have cloud access or worse -- any sort of connection to your home's security and monitoring (e.g. IP cameras, etc) and are on all the time the potential for damage becomes compounded dramatically.

Don't believe for a minute that this problem will get "better" if you do nothing and wait -- it will get worse, much worse, since people keep bringing things like "Home assistant" devices with microphones into their houses that are on all the time.

It's one thing if your laptop is at risk through such a problem since your laptop is only on when you're using it for most people, and the rest of the time it's powered down.  It's quite a different matter when you stick something on that same network that is on 24x7, whether you're home or not, and can act in your absence or while you are asleep.

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2018-05-25 12:00 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 35 references

Email now to hang this unique piece on your wall instead of hers!

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