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I give this guy credit for what he's doing, and I am a member and supporter of Team RWB myself.

But he's going about it the wrong way.

Derek Mitchell, a 500-lb man from Kansas City, Missouri, has committed to run at least one 5K race a month— not only to get in shape, but also to encourage other people to do the same. Fox 9 reported that since March, Mitchell has run 19 5Ks, during which his story has begun going viral.

Now granted, this guy has a legitimate medical issue that is playing hell with his metabolism.  But that just makes the central point I've been making even more important: Thou shalt not fill thy glycemic stores.

And that, in short, means not eating refined carbohydrates of any sort.

Were Derek to do that I suspect he'd literally see his pants fall off in short order.

The running will certainly help, but as I proved when I lost my 60lbs (because I kept instrumentation for it) the running was only responsible for about 20 of the 60lbs I lost.  In fact, the impact of that running might have been zero, in that when you exercise you would expect to be more-hungry and thus, all things being equal, you'd expect to consume more food.

But even ignoring that fact 40 of the 60lbs was a metabolic shift and the cause of it was not running.

The cause of it was getting all of the refined grain and sugar products out of my diet, and the consequence of doing so was that the natural regulatory system that your body has to control food intake to your actual metabolic requirements started working properly again.

And thus my pants fell off and I'll bet so will Derek's if he does the same thing I did.

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It's about damn time.

Officials in Chicago urged protesters to be "peaceful" as a dash-cam video showing a white Chicago police officer shooting and killing a black teenager was released Tuesday. A state prosecutor said the release prompted her to move up the announcement of the officer’s murder charge out of concern the footage would spark violence.

I wonder why, given that it appeared to be an execution from what I can see.

First degree murder, however, is the right charge.  No namby-pamby nonsense going on this time.  Whether the (effectively forced) release of the video, which was fought incidentally, had anything to do with the timing of the charges is not known.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Van Dyke is "going to have to account for his actions," but the department was prepared for any protests following the release of the dash-cam video of the shooting.

"People have a right to be free speech, but they do not have a right to criminal acts," he said.

Just remember, Garry, that neither do cops.

Well, except when they think they can get away with it, which is (of course) most of the time.

The people have always had and always will have the ability to put a stop to corruption, and sunlight is the best disinfectant, applied liberally and without delay.

May there be much more of it in the future.

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This is a bummer, but it points out that human stupidity knows few boundaries, and when mixed with "matters of the heart" it can (and often does) get you killed.

An Austrian teen who ran away to Syria last year to marry an ISIS fighter was beaten to death when she had a change of heart and tried to escape from the terror group, local media reported.

Yeah, well, marrying a musloid nutjob who believes in cutting off heads is pretty far up on the list of human idiocy. It's not like these people haven't made well-known their penchant for doing that crap either; the entire world has seen their "ideology" in action over the last many years.

Wake up folks, especially if you're young and idealistic.  A mountain lion doesn't care that you're vegan: He is a carnivore, and you look very much like dinner.

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2015-11-24 09:48 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 384 references

Am I supposed to be surprised?

Trump Card, which would not have to disclose donors, wants $250,000 from the other GOP presidential campaigns to run anti-Trump TV, radio and web ads and to pitch opposition research to local stations in early-voting states.

Mair, who also used to work for the Scott Walker presidential campaign, wrote, “In the absence of our efforts, Trump is exceedingly unlikely to implode or be forced out of the race,” according to a memo obtained by The Journal.

“The stark reality is that unless something dramatic and unconventional is done, Trump will be the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton will become president,” Mair continued.

So now we have an "anonymous" Super PAC taking money in for the explicit purpose of attacking Trump -- and it's not Democrats funding it, it's the other Republicans.

The only thing that would "out" donors would be if the campaigns themselves were to donate money, because that's reportable.

But while "coordinated" action is illegal proving it is another matter entirely, and that's hard to do unless there are formal ties between campaigns and the PAC that can be uncovered.

Primary candidates going after each other is nothing new, but I suspect the old game isn't going to work real well in this case, mostly because Trump isn't dependent on donors who can be "persuaded" (read: threatened) to pull their funding and support.

Further this sort of dirty-trick crap is likely to increase Trump's support.

It certainly has thus far.

To the PAC folks: Show a pair of balls and stand proud if you're funding these attacks.  While you have the right to speak anonymously that right comes with the label "coward" when used, and eventually the people will find out who's doing the funding -- and when they do they're well within their rights to take out their ire on you with any sort of lawful economic protest they may choose -- and I bet they will choose.

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Turkey shot down a Russian military aircraft overnight, claiming that its airspace was violated.

Putin is*****ed off, but there's really nothing he can do about it.  Turkey is a NATO member, so any sort of military retaliation is off-the-board dangerous for him in that regard, and thus unlikely.

Further, it does appear that the plane not only violated Turkish airspace but ignored warnings to leave.

As with most acts when there's a war on, the truth is one of the first casualties.  But it makes no sense for Turkey to fire on a plane over Syrian airspace, so at face value this looks like an incursion (whether intentional or not) and, if you fly a military aircraft over someone's airspace after being warned not to, and Turkey has made clear that this is unacceptable to them, you get the consequences up the 'chute.

This will be an interesting diplomatic kerfluffle but I doubt it amounts to anything in terms of military or strategic importance.

Stay tuned.

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