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User Info The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine; entered at 2022-09-01 09:19:35
Posts: 179
Registered: 2021-05-11 Sweden
I gave up trusting in medicine last summer when, after multiple years of living with worsening stomach pain that came and went in about a 6 month cycle, I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with uncontrollable vomiting (rushed in Sweden means an hour and a half drive so I was going to the hospital of the Kommun I lived in as opposed to the nearest one...). Once there, it was finally confirmed that my appendix was the cause. I was promised an operation the next day to remove it since it hadn't burst yet. The next morning, I was forced to eat breakfast and then told in the afternoon that b/c I had had breakfast they couldn't operate on me. Very late that evening (The next morning actually) I was examined by an older surgeon who looked at me and said to the other, younger man with him, "there is nothing wrong with this woman...I'm going to have her sent home tomorrow". He then turned to me and said the same exact thing to me upon which point I became livid! I switched to English and handed him his head on a platter. He finally said that he would have them operate in the morning but said if he was the surgeon, and my appendix looked fine, he wouldn't remove it...

I spent the rest of the night praying he wouldn't be my surgeon and he wasn't! I had a female surgeon operate on me who had had another patient a few years back present with the same symptoms building up over the course of years. She removed her appendix and the woman never had a problem again so she took mine out as well. I knew when I woke up that she had removed it b/c the excruciating pain I had been in was gone...

I spent 4 years going to the ER every 6 months or so with building pain and constant background pain and nothing was done till I was finally at death's door...literally at death's temp when they took me in was 95.3...the EMT's kept saying, she can't be that cold...I am amazed that I survived...but b/c of that experience and now dealing with these stupid shots, I don't think I will ever trust medicine again..
2022-09-01 09:19:35