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 Hypothesis: Hospitals ARE The Vector @RealDonaldTrump
Pharmadude 254 posts, incept 2020-03-26
2020-03-28 12:55:59

As our host has highlighted several times, case numbers are evident that some basic hygiene has not been followed.

Hospitals have always been concentrated centers for disease, and spreading diseases from and within the hospital wards has been a 'problem' for a very long time.

Quote (note stat from CDC):

In American hospitals alone, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that HAIs account for an estimated 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths each year. Of these infections:

32 percent of all acquired infection are urinary tract infections
22 percent are surgical site infections
15 percent are pneumonia (lung infections)
14 percent are bloodstream infections

... many HAIs can be prevented through the strict adherence to evidence-based best practices. Recommendations include:

* healthcare providers cleaning their hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub before and after caring for every patient;
* catheters being used only when necessary and removed as soon as possible;
* cleaning the skin where the catheter is being inserted or the surgical site, and
* providers wearing hair covers, masks, gowns and gloves when appropriate.

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