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2018-11-13 06:54 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 179 references
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Oh my....

Republicans in Congress will hold the majority for less than two months. We must do all we can to further the agenda we promised in 2016 and in 2018 before the Democrats take a wrecking ball to the progress America has made in the last two years.

Then there's the list.

Health care (Obamacare)

The Wall.

Pro-Life ("heartbeat") bill.

Balanced budget.


Health care isn't broken because it's government-mandated health-care (Obamacare.)  It's broken because the government has refused to enforce 100+ year old anti-trust law that medical firms have twice claimed didn't apply to them, ran that argument all the way to the Supreme Court and lost both times.  Having lost in the courts they turned to bribing government instead.  5 INDICTMENTS with a promise of 5,000 more in a week would permanently stop this crap and make Obamacare irrelevant by cutting the cost of health care by 80% At the same time it would erase the budget deficit.  Oh, and never mind spending $400 billion a year that doesn't need to be spent at all because adults are coddled like children.

The wall isn't an option it's an executive requirement under Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution.  If Trump will not do his job he must be removed and replaced.

Pro-life?  Meh.  Talk to me about abortion when you stop the three trillion a year stolen by the health care monopolies and the third-leading cause of death is erased too, which is "medical errors" -- in other words, gross incompetence driven by a system that gets paid when it fails or even makes the situation worse.

As for a balanced budget, stop lying.  Passing unfunded tax cuts and entitlement increases at the same time, running a 6.2% deficit last fiscal year is not an accident -- its an intentional act to goose the stock market.  It works every time it's done too, for a little while.  Then the market crashes -- every single time.  The goosing has already happened.  Guess what's next?

Of course by the the time the crash comes the party that did it is usually out of office -- in this case, they'll be out of office in 2 months.

Isn't that convenient?

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2018-11-10 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 396 references
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Oh this is rich.....

If you follow the news you know that Bannon and Frum had a debate in Toronto recently.  The so-called tolerant Liberals tried to prevent the debate from taking place.  Then a screw-up at the end left people with the mistaken belief that Bannon had actually won, when in point of fact it appears the results were, by the scoring used, a statistical tie.

But the screamer -- Frum blowing his own brains out -- is right here:

The story ends, then, in a great irony. Integral to the liberal project, again in the broad sense of the word liberal, is confidence in the power of reason. Words and arguments can overbear ignorance and prejudice. Over the long term, words and arguments can even overcome oppression and violence. That’s why liberals in the broad sense are so uniquely horrified by official lying: How can reason prevail unless words connect to reality? How can we argue against people who will spread fictions, if serviceable to them, without a qualm?


There has not been one whit of honesty in, for example, the treatment of Kavanaugh.  Every single liberal -- big "L" or little "l" -- involved has consistently lied.  There are now two criminal referrals for lying about capital felonies.  The media has breathlessly reported all of the lies and not one bit of the refutation of same, nor has it focused in any way on the rank hypocrisy and inconsistencies -- all hallmarks of lying.

Ditto for the so-called "caravan."  The facts are that these individuals broke the law immediately upon entering Mexico which they did, largely, by force.  That is they broke down a fence or jumped a border after being told not to; it is not as if there was any question that they knew their actions were criminal.  They did not care.

Then there is the rabid anti-Semite that was caught in NY; the media and liberals all claimed right up front when the graffiti and attempted arsons happened that it must be a white Trump supporter.  They did so without a single shred of evidence and then, when the alleged perpetrator was caught and it turned out to be a black, queer and liberal activist do you think there was a single apology rendered?  Oh hell no.

How can reason prevail unless words connect to reality?

I'll answer that: It cannot and thank you very much for splattering your own brains all over the sidewalk, Frum -- and that of the Atlantic, for which you work.

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2018-11-09 08:20 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 249 references
[Comments enabled]  

I had an interesting experience the other day.

Was having a beer in a place I haven't been before -- it's new.  I found myself in a conversation on many topics, one of which was sort of, tangentially, the economy and markets.

The comment was made that Trump was great, and look at the market.

I pointed out the actual budget deficit of $1.27 trillion last fiscal year.

In other words, 6.23% of the economy.

Of course the market will go up (fast!) when you have a ~3% 10 year Treasury rate and are increasing money supply at 6.23%.

For a while.

Just like it did in 2004-2007.

But it will also crash.

Just like it did in 2008, 2000, and every other time the government -- any government -- has done this.

There is only one place you can get $1.27 trillion out of the budget and balance it.  Health care.

You can cut the entire defense department to zero and not get there.  Of course you can't cut defense 100% and nobody would every really suggest that -- in their right mind or not.

Yet Medicare and Medicaid, or in the "as spent" Medicare and Medicaid services, totaled $1.466 trillion last fiscal year ending September 30th.

If you fixed the medical monopolies that would collapse price by 80%; you'd not spend $1.17 trillion of that.

That's within $100 billion of the budget being balanced.  It's the only way to get there as it's where the money is being spent massively in excess of tax receipts -- virtually in fact the only way to bring Medicare and Medicaid spending in line with tax receipts is to kill the monopolies so they return to the ~3-4% of the economy they were before the monopolists took over (down from the almost 20% they are now.)

Now cut the fraud in the Social Security Disability program -- money paid to people who can and do run marathons, say much less be able to work, and you'd be the rest of the way there.

But math doesn't matter to people infested with either Democrat or "MAGA" disease.

The facts don't matter to either group -- which is 90% of the population.

You may as well give up folks; this particular version of insanity is going to destroy this country, it's going to do it soon and neither side of the aisle will face basic arithmeticwhich makes neither of them worthy of associating with.

It's sad -- but true.

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2018-11-08 09:20 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 176 references
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Dims "promise" to "tackle" gun violence.

How about if we tackle the people who are inclined to such violence instead?

Let's start with who's the shooter?  There are already rumors flying around but I'm not going to play that game; I'll wait until he's identified.  But I will say this -- someone walking into a nightclub and shooting it up like this in cold blood didn't do it on the spur of the moment.  From the reports thus far this sounds like a carefully planned and executed attack by someone who was not only hellbent on their actions but had coldly thought it out and was not in any way surprised, shocked or otherwise unnerved by flying bodies and blood -- not someone who was raged or roided out due to a spat with a girlfriend or something like that.

So is this domestic terrorism?  Probably.  But again -- let's wait until we know eh?

This much I'm sure of -- the gun didn't shoot anyone.  A person did.

Israel has managed to operate in one of the most-hostile places in the world with damn near everyone around them wanting them all dead -- and they mean it too.  Yet they have not suffered any air terrorism (despite it being a very tasty target for such a jackwad) nor do they suffer very many of these sorts of incidents.  A large part of that is because they focus on people, not things; they understand that people with guns on the good side will be the only means of stopping evil bastards, no matter what they're using.

So you have armed people in various otherwise "soft" places - - like schools.  But if you think it's hard to get a fully automatic firearm in that part of the world you're out of your mind.  It's much harder to get one here in the United States than it is there where every terrorist group on the planet has some sort of representation within a few dozen miles.

And then you have people making terrorist threats right here who are not arrested -- like those who did so at Tucker Carlson's home, including one caught on video talking about bombs.  Gee, I wonder where someone gets the idea that they could go shoot up a bar unopposed?

Oh by the way, that makes two bars, right?  Pulse and now this one?  What's the common element?

Firearm carry is broadly illegal in such an establishment.

Maybe it ought not be.

And maybe we ought to focus on people instead of things.

But that doesn't fit the Dim's narrative, does it?  Nope -- especially not when you consider that of the various people who have publicly stated that violence is part of their intent a very large percentage of them are hard-left jackwads.

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2018-11-07 05:57 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 172 references
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Michigan legalized recreational marijuana yesterday.  It will not fully take effect for about two years, but it happened.  While I expect there will be some "hicksterism" among the cops up there for a while I also expect there will be some Sheriff expulsions (and maybe some local police chief ones) if they still arrest and/or ticket people for it as of this morning.

Florida went nearly full retard.  The amendment to add an additional exemption for homestead property taxes failed, while the rest... not so much.  Rental and commercial property tax escalator tax caps (which were in force but due to expire) passed, and the only other good amendment was a supermajority requirement to impose new taxes and fees, or lift the level of existing ones.  Sounds good, except that of course it has exemptions -- including schools which is, of course, the largest single line item on a property tax bill.  But what this does do is make imposing an income tax nearly impossible, even if the Governorship goes Democrat.  Which it didn't, thank Ghod.

However, the "dog racing ban" did pass.  Which doesn't bother me so much.  No, it's the fact that animal rights are now in the Florida Constitution, and that sentence wasn't on the ballots.  It's easy to hate dog racing.  What actually passed may be used to ban hunting and fishing, in all of its forms, never mind any other form of animal husbandry -- including for food. Yes, I'm serious; this sort of outrageous hiding of the ball ought to have gotten the proponents hung but of course the so-called "State Supreme Court" didn't stop this horse**** before it occurred.  Countdown to this stupidity in 5.....4.......  I'm glad I sold my boat.

Illinois got a (very) rich Democrat governor.  Have fun *******.  He basically bought the office but I bet he finds there's a huge **** sandwich he can't swallow once he closes the door.  I'm going to enjoy watching that state drown in its pension and health care "obligations", given that he won't take on the medical monopolies (despite having the law to do so) any more than tRump did.  If you live in Illinois GTFO -- now.

Ditto for Washington State.  Their proposal-based gun ban, and make no mistake that's effectively what it is, is flatly unconstitutional.  It's not like anyone has actually been shot over such a thing yet.  Oh wait.... they were, just the other day.  May the family responsible for that burn in Hell; I'll see you there *******s.

If you want something to smile about there is one item: Every Dem who was in a competitive state and piled on the Kavanaugh accuser lies lost.  All of them.  Heitkamp, Donnelly, McCaskill and Nelson all got deservedly butt****ed.  On the other hand Manchin was re-elected -- he was the Dem who broke ranks.  May I point out that is why the Senate did not flip?  Heh FeinSwine -- you and the rest are personally responsible for your party not having the Senate this morning -- that's a fact.

Liberal lies are going to be the reason the USSC -- and all the lesser courts -- go even further to the right and there's not only nothing you the LIEberals can do about it their campaign of lies is the reason it happened.

Now let's prosecute all of the fake accusers -- including Ford -- and throw them in prison where they belong.

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