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User Info Engineering .vs. Science Pt 2; entered at 2023-01-30 02:46:45
Posts: 38
Registered: 2018-03-19 Alabama
Thanks for this series and differentiating science and engineering. It bothers me to see science, engineering, and math mashed together in a bowdlerized "STEM" bucket designed to suit the IFLScience crowd. But, as most things seem to be doing lately, engineering is gradually degenerating. Doing it as described requires a fundamental understanding of how the system being designed is supposed to work. But, if you just train people to work tools, MOST of the time it will work well enough. I'm afraid our profession might end up like a lot of programming, where outsourced workers cut and paste code from Stack Overflow until something sort of works.
2023-01-30 02:46:45