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User Info Engineering .vs. Science Pt 2; entered at 2023-01-29 21:24:56
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I love your trading example. Hahahaha. It's funny that individuals think they can create a trading algorithm that will be successful on a forward basis. To do that you have to use high frequency trading to figure out where the public's orderbook lies. Then using a co-located supercomputer you can run the table and steal at will. I trade the ES, it's a totally brutal game. For instance, the algorithms know how us humans spot and react to patterns. I'd swear they deliberately paint a given pattern, but in the end they make sure it breaks the opposite of what us pattern recognizing humans think it will break. If I spot their setup, I have to force myself to trade the opposite direction from what the pattern suggests. They absolutely design their program trading around human psychology. If you think you're hot shit, try ES futures trading. Hahaha that game is the most rigged thing I've ever attempted. The program trading can actually raise the price while at the same time hitting the bid or vise a versa. I have an indicator that flags that little bit of irony.

I have a computer scientist friend doing some analysis for me. I suspect they periodically turn off the program trading to see which direction the market is drifting naturally, and don't want to get too far from where the price auction value happens to be. I'm hoping I can spot that and have a bit more insight into the direction of price. Odds are I'll be wrong, or the data will just be a coin toss as the rest seems to be.

I'd be willing to bet the politico's seriously kill millions with their zero carbon nonsense while at the same time preaching how their actions are only intended to benefit mankind (except for the millions or billions they kill).

Want more fun? TPTB are implementing ICD11 codes that will physicians will be required to flag you as "non-vaxxer" which be their definition means you are mentally ill. I'll bet right now they will use that mental illness to try and take your guns away. Interesting times.

2023-01-29 21:24:56