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User Info Engineering .vs. Science Pt 2; entered at 2023-01-29 20:58:39
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Registered: 2022-03-03 Australia
CO 2 does'nt lead the temperature,it's the other way around.The ice probes from the arctic and antarctic have always shown this to be the case.There is a lag of several hundred years as the temp goes up the CO 2 follows.
An experiment, that is always reproducable, is my favorite pastime.
Open a beer or bottle of champagne and see what happens.As it warms the CO 2 is liberated,the bubbles get up your nose.This is valid scientific experimentation !
"Climate science" only notices the effects,they have little knowledge of the causes.Climate change was introduced as the terminology when the warming stopped for 18 years after the year 2000.
The first thing I learned in Met class was "constant change is here to stay".The weather is driven by the sun and it is cyclical.The climate scientists pretend it's linear,if it's heating up,it can only continue.Bullshit !
The best the met people can do is give a forecast up to about 7 days in advance and then only with probabilities,using their modelling,but in the next breath these pretenders can tell us what the temp. will be in 80 years.
Professor Bjorn Lomborg has done an extensive study on the costs of the madness of net zero policies world wide.80 trillion dollars up to 2100, a trillion a year and the reduction in the worlds atmospheric temperature ? One sixth of 1 degree.Now that's good value is'nt it.
The grift must stop,but I doubt it will.
2023-01-29 20:58:39