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User Info Engineering .vs. Science Pt 2; entered at 2023-01-29 10:57:29
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Weather predictions are the perfect analogy. People (some) feel the need to tune in 24/7 to some hair on fire prediction of 4 to 6 inches of snow or an inch of rain which in AZ may be a big deal if you were stupid enough to buy a house in the foothills and be in a former wash area. Must be like watching a horror movie , scare me please. The realtor probably said the prior owners rarely had a boulder roll through their house. A bit like when a couple of tourists asked me if the Wendella ferry off Michigan ave was safe, I replied oh yes one hasn't sunk in several months.

In 67 Chicago got 29 inches of snow and when in 6th grade my mother threw me out of the house to walk to school when it was probably 8 inches already. The group of us who walked together had a blast. The nuns finally gave up teaching since we were all looking out the window and let us watch till they decided to let us out 1 hour early. No frantic calls to soccer moms to come pick us up. Rear wheel drive cars were going no where anyway. Had a blast crawling home over snow drifts

While this is largely off point, the forecast the previous day was 1-3 inches of snow.
2023-01-29 10:57:29