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User Info Engineering .vs. Science Pt 2; entered at 2023-01-29 09:38:19
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The fail to me of the climate change scientists and their models was given to me by being a mechanical engineer and how we were taught to solve any kind of energy balance equation..... Basically drawing a control volume around the system of interest.

In the case of climate that would put that control volume like a Box around the Earth and when you study what the energy inputs are and where the energy losses go you have basically inputs from the sun and losses by radiation to space.

Right away that points to the biggest trick which would be to successfully model the inputs coming from the sun which of course we know no one is capable of coming up with anything other than a guess or approximation or assumptions on variation due to sunspots whatever but the reality was a very accurate model was not gonna be available until we could collect more data.

Now I know the people I would like to send to the sun to collect surface temperatures of the sun directly but that's another hope entirely smiley

But given that major Source of energy for the sake of actually making a predictive model on the Earth's surface I figured that these people were all full of s*** and all they were doing was as has already been noted adjusting the model based on things they could measure to represent what happened in the past

Now as far as the notion of climate change to be used to impose new taxes on civilization there's another thing I realized in the last year after reading a couple of articles related to what's happening to the location of magnetic North and then some other ideas that have only recently been put out there and that is if there's some surface temperatures that are reflecting slight shifts in the Behavior of the core in the Earth which is of course molten (energy source relative to surface temp until the molten core isnt molten a billenia from now) I realize that my simplistic model with the single control volume was wrong. By the way, that molten core is iron, right?...that is the magneticshift angle... That's why that is a data point relative to temperature changes that they think are attribute to that something is shifting no surprise in geologic time there's a h*** a lot of data we don't have and there's only guesses at this point.

My control volume should have been both outside of the Earth to address losses from space and inputs from the sun but there should be a second control volume, a spher just beliw the surfacebecause although the entire Earth temperature or energy is captured by that the surface temperature which is generally much lower than the temperature of the core of the Earth would need to be isolated and the energy inputs from the core would have to be considered.... So basically maybe not a Box surroundig the Earth but a sphere and then a slightly smaller sphere just below the surface of the Earth that would capture all inputs relative to our surface temperature.

I don't investigate this nonsense because again obviously it's political and it's about control and scientists that jump into the realm of controlling the population well there's gotta be a good word for those people and it's surely not an honest or healthy one.

The folks that Believe in the climate models and there's so many of them who are "well educated" I just figuratively put my fingers in my ears when they start talking because I know they're full of s*** and they're not using their brain.

( My apologies in advance for a somewhat rambling discussion I'm entering this on a small screen smartphone and it's a little tough to add it for clarity)
2023-01-29 09:38:19