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User Info Engineering .vs. Science Pt 2; entered at 2023-01-29 09:26:37
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Registered: 2021-09-15 western slope colorado
I can remember being a child and thinking adults act strange. They'd preach one thing and do the opposite.

My adults were always yelling at me 'to think of the consequences of my actions' when my childish self would make a mistake. Somehow they hadn't learned this lesson themselves and continually struggled with their finances and other life skills.

As I matured I came to understand adults somehow learned to hold opposing beliefs, and much of the world's problems are due to their cognitive dissonance.

Karl has hit another out of the ballpark homerun with the engineering vs science approach to problems.

I'd never thought about the differences between the two. Knuckleheads like me think they're basically the same; complicated and hard to understand.

Karl has removed my blinders and I see the LIGHT! Seriously, why isn't this concept universally understood?

The climate scam shows just how ignorant western humans are. Honestly, in the early 90's, I thought it made sense. But then nothing changed. No cities flooded, no vast wastelands from heat and drought caused by my flatulence (actually made me sad, my farts can be epic!)

The scientists they allow to speak are doom porn peddlers who dislike humans. They don't care they are lying fuckers, they hate humanity and blame people for all the world's ills. I hate to admit, I often feel like this too.

However(in my defense), I lump the climate cultist in with all the other problem-makers. They don't feel the same. They think they are preaching holy gospel to ignorant savages.

The covid culling happening MIGHT wake a few more people up. It certainly has wacked the gullible the hardest.

God works in mysterious ways...

2023-01-29 09:26:37