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User Info Since We're Taking Shots....; entered at 2022-10-07 19:56:46
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@Ponzi-Thanks, great video. Good to know that the truth is slowly leaking out. Now, I'm new here. I understand you can post things that are considered "tin". I believe this whole covid deal and the "vaccine" is a population reduction scheme. Sure, $$$$$$ is definitely involved. But if you look at the Jews in charge, and their Zionist loving cum dumpsters (Trump/Biden/et. al) appears clear that this is a scheme to reduce the world population to (((their))) acceptable levels. Your heroes (Trump/Biden/fill-in-the-blank) are willing participants.

We attribute human values to them because we are human. These bitches are satanists who hate God (man kind).

Rant over
2022-10-07 19:56:46