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User Info Student Loan 'Forgiveness'?; entered at 2022-05-02 15:48:55
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Registered: 2021-12-17
Tickerguy wrote..
EXCEPT.... the Federal Government (since Obama) issued the loans, not the University.

Then, being the creditor, the Federal Government can forgive the debtor, regardless of what you or I think.
Such in inherent in the nature of being the lender.

Eleua wrote..
I just hope we dont get a university equivalent of Fannie and Freddie for those loans.

@Eleua -- Isn't this what we already have, at least in essence?

Would I particularly like "loan forgiveness", considering that I put myself through College via enlistment, being careful to avoid debt? No.
However, I can understand the false-promises that were pushed, particularly on the Millennial generation: get educated, get a good job, get a house and car, and family... and at every turn this has been undermined by society/government: H1Bs to depress wages, requiring more experience than exists in a product to get H1Bs, the housing inflation, "cash for clunkers" destroying the used-car market, the current fuel and food "difficulties" (absolutely engineered), pushing foodstamps/section-8 (meaning women "don't need no man!"), and so on -- given all this, I would not be opposed to as-a-society trying to ease their burdens.

We should also remember to be merciful.
This doesn't mean rolling over an allowing injustice to run rampant, but sometimes it means laying down a legitimate grievance for the sake of the other.

Tickerguy wrote..
I'm not at all opposed to giving the guillotine to many college administrators, particularly reagents and the finance folks.

I am coming to agree with you here; though more motivated by their horrifying embrace of tyranny over the "mandates".
2022-05-02 15:48:55