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User Info 2021: The Year In Review, And A Wee Light In The Tunnel; entered at 2021-12-29 10:41:22
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Ckaminski wrote..
Traelin: cuz men have been doing a bang up job governing the past 100 years?

Discounting a woman just because she's a woman is bullshit.

Did you even read the entirety of what I wrote? What, are you gonna argue that Man ISN'T naturally more inclined toward reason and logic than Woman? Jeebus, that's a fact. We complement each other. Woman helps Man with Mercy. Man helps Woman with Justice/Reason. In totality, we are the true embodiment of the Father.

Point out ANY civilization where a woman bailed a superpower out of a Fourth Turning Crisis. I'll be waiting. Now, does that mean it couldn't happen? Of course it doesn't. But it's a game of probability as well as learning from history.

And who said men did a great job the last 100 years? Men allowed themselves to be castrated by soccer moms. How many times have you told yourself when you're about to argue with your wife, "Hrm, lose the battle, win the war." How's that working out on a national level? Those losses add up on the scoreboard.

Yeah, I predict that won't change until the soccer moms are hungry and the alphas tell the women and the beta men to sit down, STFU, and let the big boys fix things.

Do you really doubt the above?

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2021-12-29 10:41:22