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User Info 2021: The Year In Review, And A Wee Light In The Tunnel; entered at 2021-12-29 06:42:32
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Registered: 2007-09-04 Surf City/Sloop point, NC
Let Me take a stab, (cherry-picking) here..

Cary wrote:
You sound pretty down on DeSantis. What are the issues with him? From what I have seen from afar, He looks better than most of the other GOP options. Hardly what I would like, but your evaluation gives me some pause.

Mu opinion on "DeSantis", be Very careful what you wish for. While being *Strong* against the Rabid, venomous Liberal Left, He also strike's Me as a "right-wing" Messiah, Capable of starting a shooting War, then asking questions Later.

In Domestic agendas as well as Foreign ones. I'll opine, that the #Democrats will label Him, (worse) than Trump being "Hitler"...

In other words a Common-Sense Leader..., BUT....

I'm NOT saying He will not be a good/great Presidential Leader, but, I have some Mis-givings, something isn't rubbing right w/me. A Niggling in My brain, so-to-speak..

ThemortgageDude wrote:
As for Trump is done??? The problem with that is - Who's gonna beat him? Like you say the bench is pretty short.

DeSantis/Trump would be a Great Ticket..

Or Desantis/ Mark Robinson, (NC Lt. Gov) or,
Desantis/Byron L. Donalds, (Fla 19th congressional dist.)

BOTH the latter mentioned, are POC & common sense AMERICAN conservatives..

As for Trump? He honestly needs to fade away.. He just, delayed the inevitable, that's coming down, (Or off) the tracks..
Delaying, Our Dear Host's "Futurecast" on When our Collapse is coming, Only delayed the inevitable..

IN ADDITION,, Abandoned his Folks/Base or Dereliction of duty, however you wish to describe it to the 1/6 detainees', and others that supported Him. ALSO, NOT Draining the Swamp as promised.
Though He exposed a tiny bit, HE FAILED, "We the People", In other words..

He over Promised & UNDER-Delivered

Don't get Me wrong though, I voted for Him in the first go-around, second time? Not so much.. Folks in MY AO,(SENC), have stopped supporting Him also..

Lobo Wrote:
The problem with inflation with regards to food is how so many facets of our world tie into it: energy policy, taxes, shipping, etc. I remember cartoons in the 70s about fixed income people salivating over dog food ads on TV. We may see those again.

Coming SOON to a Fixed-Income Seniors near you soon.. Either Heat/cool your home or EAT.

"Cartoons" soon? Back in the Day, I still recall actual NEWS Stories of fixed Income folks eating ALPO & Rice & liking it!

Don't get Me wrong here.. I'm on a Fixed income, I've Already tasted a couple of "Meaty & Chunky" dog foods.. With crackers, they are not all that bad.. On about the same level of Protein's & taste of Modern Day MRE's..

About the same as Food Bank[/b] cooked Pork or beef in a can that the USDA distributes too the food banks nationwide.. (for Human consumption) smiley

Don't knock it till you try it..

Scottj175 Wrote:
Doesn't sound like the cheap used hooptie car market is coming back any time next year either. Oh well, I don't need the temptation

Don't EVEN think about trying to buy a NEW Truck or vehicle..

Speaking of the Hooptie Market, It's just as insane.. If you have a Older SUV/Truck/Car KEEP IT!

Look, I've got a 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE, (Our Host has seen it in person), When I visited..

I've ONLY got 30K on the ODO.. I take good care of it, (mechanically)..
Just out of curiosity, I stopped by My (Local) Stealership.. They OFFERED Me 18K on the SUV, on the spot..

I owe, 12 K remaining. Thats 4K over "My payoff", woulda done it, but.. The Hooptie Market Is just as insane. Early~Mid 90's pick'em up trucks going for 6K plus! (Or even cars are getting outrageous prices!)..
That said..

CrazyMike wrote:
A lot of camping grounds and RV parks do NOT let in older RVs/Trailers and schoolies but my Airstream looks clean so I've NEVER had an issue getting in.

Speaking of Camping Grounds here.. Plenty of Folks that own Land.. Are either *Selling*, or converting into Campgrounds in SENC..

smiley NO, NO, NO RV's are ALLOWED at ALL "Older RV's" Trailers etc etc,, they are a Liability,, (disposal) as those folks are "flush" with cash, buy a home, leaving the RV behind for the landowner to dispose of.. In Fact plenty of (Long term) RV renters are being evicted/forced to move thier Junk, in order to raise prices taking advantage of this *HOT* RV Market.. Remember, I reside near Topsail Island/Surf City NC, (Lotsa RV Camping here)..

RV prices are also Hot & Crazy... Almost the same (Or More) than the cost of a Single-wide Mobil Home! Quite a few of the (Older) Style Mobile Home/trailer Parks are Disposing of alot of singlewides, in Lew of getting RV's to park & Stay now..

Land, up this way, (away from Wilmington & between Jacksonville, NC) along Highway 17, looks like a "Parade of Land" realtor signs, in Sundays paper.. Everyone Whom has land, is selling, At a premium..

The Majority Of recent, Homebuyers/Renters are from these States, (I notice the tags/plates),, Commiefornia, NY/NJ/MD/Pa/Mass

One more example..
A little (DoubleWide) Home down the street from Me..

Listed at 55K BEFORE, IN,, (August of 2019) just before,the Great Scamidemic.. A little 2 bdrm/1bath, 1200 sq ft, smallish lot.. Perfect for the Misses & I..
flipped & just sold for 215K! With NO improvement's!(I had inquired about it).
Folks from New York, bought it CASH..

[b'Ckaminski wrote:[/b]
Actually, it would be interesting if the House were to somehow force the natural born citizen angle on Kamala to install Pelosi if Biden were to die or retire.

Could be an interesting way to make it happen.

Please note: the Obama years.. the B.C. & Rule of Law, no longer Matters..

Foreign Policy: Don't DO NOT think "War" will erupt in Donbass/Ukraine or Taiwan, Instead, I think it'll erupt somewhere with-in the Eurozone's countries(s), over Energy & food, coupled with the draconian & tyranny Measures/Laws/Mandates being instated..

The Fed? Painted itself into a corner.. Where are the bond vigilantes ??

Maxine G.? Nothing will come of it EVER smiley

Flashback, too 1975

The first time I witnessed people eating pet foods was among neighbors and acquaintances during my youth in the South. At that time it was not uncommon or startling to me to see clog‐food patties sizzling in a pan on the top of a stove or kerosene space heater in a dilapidated house with no running water, no refrigerator, no heat, no toilet and the unrelenting‐stench of decaying insects. I simply thought of it as the unfortunate but unavoidable consequence of being poor in the South.


Im sure there are thousands if not millions of seniors in this nation that are like me that cant afford their medication that either get their medication and eat cat food, she said.

When ABC4 visited with Maria on Friday, she explained further.

Some say Well, its starting to taste more like tuna. Or, they add something to it to make it have a little more flavor, said Maria.

They already have a cat at home. So, they can buy a case. They have a can for each meal. Whether or not they have something to go with it at that point isnt important to them in their minds because they figure theyre getting the nutrition that they need from the cat food.

I think we'll see more of this, (yet again), I recall lotsa News articles from back, "in the day" of this going on..

I often times "reflect back" as a very poor Military Family,(US).. My Mom whipping up a dish called SOS(Shit on the Shingles), & homemade biscuits, wondering if it was Alpo or something similar then.

Inflation is going to get quite a bit worse, Me thinks..

Kraft Heinz Co. told retailer customers that it would raise prices across many of its products including Jell-O pudding and Grey Poupon mustard, with some items going up as much as 20%, according to a memo viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The rest of food prices/energy will follow..

2021-12-29 06:42:32