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User Info 2021: The Year In Review, And A Wee Light In The Tunnel; entered at 2021-12-28 16:26:07
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Registered: 2021-09-13 the bar on the strand
Everyone's on to Trump regarding the vaccines, 1/6 and more. He actually represents the best hope Democrats have as they can mobilize far better against him than against anyone else on the bench. There is not another name who gets the Democrat base frothing at the mouth like Trump does. Except maybe Cruz.

DeSantis seems to be the frontrunner so far. He has looked good from time to time, but I think that is the contrast between him, Brandon and Trump. It's not that hard to look good next to other two. However I don't trust him. At all. The authoritarian streak doesn't bode well for us.

Kristi Noem is like Nikki Haley and Condi Rice in that she is just another Bush in heels. Trot her out on the national scene and watch her bend the knee. Quickly, I may add. Get out of here with that one.

Kamala's parentage is a complete non-starter as a topic to get excited about; nothing happened with Obama's father or his "alleged" birthplace. So what makes anyone gullible enough to think it will be different this time? This isn't the hill to fight on. Just. Drop. It. There are better battles.

Someone shared with me a link regarding the Big Four investment houses that own major shares of everybody. Can't seem to find it at the moment, but it does say Blackrock, Fidelity, State Street and Vanguard, iirc. Blackrock seems to be the closest to the Fed of all of them as they seem to have a bottomless purse to buy all those houses for 10% to 15% over listing prices, sometimes more. They might well be an arm of the WEF. For sure all four are very, very, very connected.
2021-12-28 16:26:07