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User Info 2021: The Year In Review, And A Wee Light In The Tunnel; entered at 2021-12-28 16:11:00
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If I had to pick a viable Republigan, I go Candace Owens. She ticks the 'correct' boxes, but more importantly, she's pretty smart and definitely can hold her own with media and lefties.

I don't think an "outsider" has a chance at the 2024 nomination, unless he is a Sulla-type and brings an army with him. I don't think things will be that bad in 2024, but there is a non-zero chance they will be.

Perot and Trump proved that outsider candidacies fail. Of course, Perot didn't help himself by erratically dropping out and then re-entering the 92 election. Trump failed for other reasons, one of them being lack of bringing trusted personnel to DC. Reagan brought his troika with him (Ed Meese, Mike Deaver, and one other whom I am forgetting) and got much accomplished-- including a landslide re-election.

2021-12-28 16:11:00