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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-02 18:57:01
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They did this on purpose. This was to force a passport, where they had everything you did, everyone you spoke to, everywhere you went and who you met. WORSE, THEY KNEW THIS WAS FUCKED UP, GOOGLE KNEW IT WAS FUCKED UP, TWITTER KNEW, FACEBOOK KNEW AND THEY CENSORED INFORMATION IT WAS. Don't even give these people the benefit of the doubt. Gates and MSFT (MSNBC, Bing, etc.) knew as well. This is a lot more dangerous than Karl is admitting.

They also knew something else. Remdesivir is a poison and not a cure, but they designated it as the treatment, in hospitals. How many people do you think they have killed with this drug and ventilators? For a bounty. The faster, the better.

Then we have the fake tests. Do you think they might be creating waves, by ramping up and then down the cycles? How many people went to the hospitals for procedures, then tested positive? An immediate case.

Modern medicine might be the most criminal and maybe the most exaggerated useless thing in history. How much bullshit have we been fed since sanitation was cleaned up. How many tests are accurate? Can we afford to find out, when they tell you the news you have cancer or need a bypass? They create a disease, then a $300,000 cure. Is health insurance to protect you or a permit to rape everyone? Is there any greater evidence in history that public health is being run by fools, thieves, NAZI's and other criminals. No blindfolds for these people. Bring in the lions.

This virus was probably in line with the Hong Kong flu, as for severity, until the government got involved. I can tell you one thing. There will never be virus, as dangerous as the people running the worlds governments, press, health agencies, unless they invent it and release it on us.
2021-08-02 18:57:01