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User Info We Must Run This To The Ground; entered at 2020-05-17 20:41:04
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Emg: Let me take a stab at that...

(I will get down voted for it, but it is what it is)

...the testing has been notoriously unreliable so if they ever did test negative, that is in doubt and then on the flip side, it is a new virus and we have no frame of reference with evidence or long term studies showing the length of immunity given once someone beats it...or even if they really do beat it or it just becomes a chronic illness that goes dormant to later resurface like the way Chicken Pox hides in our neurotissue.

This is why a bunch of the scientists are freaking their shit and been saying: 'chill the fuck out'

Rightly or wrongly.

For all we know, this virus might end up causing sleeping sickness in people twenty years from now in that seemed to recover from it.

That happened in the 1920s if I recall correctly. A mysterious cold or flu went through and some people for whatever reason just went catatonic and didn't wake up.

On the flip side, something crazy good could happen like if you beat Rona you never catch another Coronavirus again, like people that used to catch cowpox were immune from smallpox.

Nobody knows, which is why some people have been saying the real Conservative thing to do if you want to claim to be Conservative is to be cautious because being cavalier about such things could end up blowing up in our faces.

Now I'm not saying that such an argument is worth blowing up the world economy for...far from it. There is a balance of prudence and cavalier and humans are just not good at degrees of motion.

We are either bury our heads in the sand or go all in. Our plans are for disaster or prosper...not plans for degrees of survival.
2020-05-17 20:41:04