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User Info No, It's Not Going Away; entered at 2020-04-09 10:17:18
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Registered: 2020-03-29 Where my feet take me.
IF you go into the hospital and try to maintain a Keto diet or even something close good FN luck. Type 2 can be controlled, sickness/inflamation makes that very hard. This results in numbers that climb and climb.

I bet most are uncontrolled when they come in. OBESE, HBP, and uncontrolled diabetes when ill with normal problems or injuries, it is bad enough, add in this virus. Kaboom,

I don't trust hardly any doctor or even specialist when it comes to type 2, ever go to one of their diet seminars on how to eat. All they want to do is push drugs, and most kill off your pancreas. Drugs take you to type 1, and on a trip to death row, because the fake insulin they give you will have to be increased and increased, so then you die from that also.

Hell bells they even argue if it is diabetes or not (type2).

If you want to die, go to the hospital, if you want to get sick go to your doctor. They practice their book, and what they are feed is push drugs.

There is a very good documentary about how the medical industry went from natural to all man made, usually from oil at the base. The original OIL king who sold it as snake oil. His son then took that with all his oil millions and infiltrated the colleges and boards and changed the instruction to make sure all the things that worked from the past and natural, went bye bye. WHITE COATS argue from a point of Authority. We all know their are no authorities. and wearing a white coat will not make you authority.

JP Morgan, brother can you spare me a DIME>

2020-04-09 10:17:18