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User Info Putting Some NUMBERS To This Mess; entered at 2020-03-07 20:59:36
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My family is originally from eastern Nebraska. Still have extended family and friends there. Local YMCA had a Special Olympics meet there, and one of the competitors had just come back from London with her Dad.

She exposed everyone at the YMCA to COVID. Now the Fremont schools are shut down, churches canceling services (they do not do that in white out blizzards back home), and many farm corporations are looking at the herds of chickens and trying to figure out what the h#$l to do when the feed runs out in three days.

Not New York, so nothing on the major news yet. But Fremont, NE is going to be the probable source of a lot of deaths. People with Down's are not known for having great health.
2020-03-07 20:59:36