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User Info The Death Of Reason; entered at 2014-05-22 17:51:55
Posts: 309
Registered: 2010-12-14 SE Washington State
Roberts' stuff used to REALLY hit home w/ me. Was a big fan but then he went kinda
goofy tho I can't recall right now on what particular matter.

I stopped following his byline and he joined the list of other guys who "spoke to me" and then proceeded to lose me over some issue or other.

- Paul Craig Roberts
- Rush Limbaugh
- Bill Bennett
- Pat Buchanan
- G. Gordon Liddy

Limbaugh: never really liked him but he was 1st w/ anti-pc pushback. Admired that A LOT but when he went after Chelsea Clinton and then the illegal drug hypocrisy...

Bennett's book on virtues loved it but then turned he was a Vegas "player."
Blew his cred to smithereens - well w/ me anyways.

Buchanan: My all-time #1 politics guy. LOVED him & his sis too. But then he tried to sell Intelligent Design oh man that was a dark day ...

G-Man: I love the G-man. So over the top man's man stuff it's almost caricature except for one thing - with Liddy it's legit. Shook his hand twice.
Funniest political talk show host I've ever heard. But like Buchanan he tried to rationalize ID. Ugh.

I'm getting older by the minute & maybe in my dotage going soft ...
I still read Denninger tho (and will til his ban hammer gets me ;-)

2014-05-22 17:51:55