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User Info The Death Of Reason; entered at 2014-05-22 10:40:20
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Registered: 2009-06-26
Paul Craig Roberts wrote..
Lets assume Japan had conquered China, Burma, and Indonesia. With such a vast territory to occupy, Japan could not have spared a single division with which to invade the US, and, of course, any invasion fleet would never have made it across the Pacific. Just as was the fate of the Japanese fleet at Midway, an invasion fleet would have been sitting ducks for the US Navy.

Roberts is some kind of special idiot. Even with the broken Japanese naval codes in hand, Midway boiled down to a crapshoot mostly tilted in our favor by a guy named Commander John C. Waldron, and his solitary torpedo bomber wing from USS Hornet (the immortal Torpedo 8).

The squadron did not destroy any enemy aircraft with their defensive rear .30-caliber machine guns, nor did they damage any of the Japanese carriers.

All 30 men died except for one. All they did was suck the Japanese fighter cover from operational altitude down to the deck.

When the American dive bombers finally stumbled on the Japanese fleet, there was no significant Japanese fighter opposition at their attack altitude.

Luck, really. Paul Craig Roberts is full of crap, on this piece of American military history, at any rate.
2014-05-22 10:40:20