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User Info In A World Of Monsters, Hypocrisy Reigns; entered at 2014-03-07 07:35:42
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It makes me think that the Soviets set a course in Ukraine back in the 90's, through their puppet government, turning a blind eye to that admins theft of billions, and general impoverishment and dependency by the masses. Not withstanding their $35 billion national debt, some of which is owed to Russia ! I heard on the radio this morn, that Ukraine's GDP was equivalent to Poland in the 90's and now it is 1/3 of that. What better way to control the masses, eh ? Get them dependent on the state, in debt up to their ears. Seems much like the ply book here. Including the mass immigration of a group that favours federalist handouts.
2014-03-07 07:35:42