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 FACTS Are NEVER 'Harassment'
Boredfree 2k posts, incept 2021-09-15
2024-03-04 10:05:38

What's your line in the sand? When will you do something?

Yeah, you're waiting.

What are you waiting for?

I know, you have debt, children, a job, a mortgage, a life. Why risk any of this for other assholes who probably aren't willing to take their own risk?

Despite the claims otherwise, I don't think people understand what they're risking by not acting.

By not acting now, the future will be one where your children will be slaves and you will be asking yourself why you didn't do something other than say, buy physical gold...

I believed covid would be civilization's wake-up. How wrong I was.

You have very little time to wake the fuck up, look around and make a plan to change the disastrous course we're on.

You're fucked.

Me? I don't have a dog in this fight. No kids, no debt, no worries. I've lived hard and low, and death will be a welcomed long overdue adventure.

The rest of you running around like rats in a cage? I guess, keep at it.

I find you amusing. You continue to build the stairway up the platform where they'll hang you. You can't stop, even when you see them knotting the rope. Keep worrying about your retirement, it will keep you from thinking about the hangman waiting for you to finish the stairway.

Anericans are lazy assholes who hate themselves so much they can't stop killing themselves with their food, politics, media, ect, ect. A Nation of the greatest political fools to ever live.

Prove me wrong.

The problem is most people want to point a finger rather than their thumb when dealing with challenges.
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