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 Student Loan 'Forgiveness'?
Raven 18k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2022-04-30 08:23:31

Voiding the entire college credit record for any applicant for this bankruptcy could possibly fuel the movement towards "free college" which has been brewing in the woke crowd for quite some time.

It is in this comparison which they make with other countries from where the loan forgiveness push arises. These takers did the same thing with healthcare.

I remember the push in the 90s that this and that, "should be free". Well, what else is on their list. They like to compare to Europe all of the time.

Thus, this forgiveness concept is in their minds rectification for something for which they feel that they should never have paid or borrowed for in the first place.

We must explore how this mentality originated to attempt to fix it. If we are to be honest, many of the very libertarian and conservative amongst us do notice all of the freebies given to special classes on our backs directly and indirectly while at the same time making our lives that much harder and more miserable. We have chosen to simply adapt, do with less, work harder, figure out hacks, whatever. Some of this demand which we are discussing is based in legitimate resentments. A society built on resentful people has no future. You are here.

In a nutshell once a society becomes a grab fest with many takers, the name of the game becomes for a significant percentage, "grab as much as i can for myself." There is only one way to achieve the moral authority to change this:

End all giveaways and welfare of any kind.

Or else one is leaving more and more people with the feeling that they are stupid for not playing the same games and demanding the same things.

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Page 11 of 166  First789101112131415Last