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 Student Loan 'Forgiveness'?
Hapie 527 posts, incept 2020-07-25
2022-05-01 18:50:14

@Tsherry "Show me a single government throughout history that hasn't fucked their population in the end."

People have always been getting effed, throughout history, all the time by somebody or other.

A government is a necessary evil, at least for some cohesive policies, if nothing else. They are given some power for executing their function, but power corrupts and then they focus on just perpetuating that power. So, yes, the governments do end up effing the people, more as a rule than an exception, and more so if there is too much centralization of power, as it is now.

The Founding Fathers were quite well aware of the above problems, so they tried to balance the US government power by creating the three separate branches of government. On top of that, the function of the press, and the freedom of speech, is to be a watchdog for the people. And they gave us the 2nd Amendment for protection against enemies, domestic or foreign.

The corruption has overtaken the good intentions of the Founding Fathers despite their best creation of a government in the history of mankind. And the press has became more of presstitudes than ever before. So, the people are now getting effed a lot more and it will continue until the people say NO MORE in a meaningful way.

But we cannot throw the baby with the bath water; we just need to flush the dirty water down the toilet!

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