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 Since We're Taking Shots....
Bzelbob 505 posts, incept 2021-09-12
2022-01-31 09:19:49

@Tickerguy - Possible Best Ticker Ever! smiley
"Eat this, inject that!" says the doctor.

"Show me the data", says I.

"No." says the doctor and the government.

Well then fuck you sir, and may the plague of a thousand locusts descend upon your home, your assets, your clothing and your penis.

Public servants and others who work in the 'public interest' are NEVER allowed say NO to we the people.
We the people tell them NO because WE are in charge.

But the people are starting to speak...
Truckers are saying NO by blocking the highways.
Parents are saying NO by getting in the face of school boards and homeschooling their kids.
Judges are saying NO to ridiculous requests to keep data secret for 50+ years.
Customers are saying NO to businesses asking for vax cards! (way to go SarahD!)

Step by step, the NOs are building....

Went with my brother to a show recently here in FL where they had no vax requirement. Masks were 'encouraged' but not required.
I told brother under no circumstances was I wearing a mask. People would just have to live in their own fear.
And I said if the venue changed to vax requirement, I turning the car around and going the fuck home.

Until the Bullshit stops, "NO!" is still the answer.

"Threats are illogical. And payment is usually expensive." - Sarek of Vulcan
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