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 Simply Put: **** YOU
Mikeyinfl 177 posts, incept 2021-08-02
2021-08-21 21:37:13

To follow up on a few posts.

@Quantum - you forgot the /s. /s

@Threeputter - you wrote "It was written about here a while back that there was pretty good evidence that 80% of the population had some preexisting, natural resistance to Covid. It seemed to explain the Diamond Princess ship having such a low % of infected passengers despite them being older and presumably more susceptible. ".

I was thinking about that along with my hypothesis that the jabs "wreck" recovered Natural Immunity by reducing N T-cells and increasing Spike T-cells, but what about the cross immunity we used to hear about like in the Diamond Princess? Again, if they took just a wee bit of time to look at this, they might learn something, but I'm now jaded like the rest of us since they already destroyed their credibility a long time ago. Remember early last year when Toady Fauxi said he was ok for you to hook up with someone you don't know off tinder, as long as you have on a mask? As soon as he said that, I knew he was a f'ing liar. Just didn't know how big.

@oliver - Are you able to still purchase Nac? The last time I bought it from Dr. Evil Bezos was 4/19 and I thought I heard they (the FDA) were trying to get it off the market. Search Nac now and it's not coming up. I clicked on my last order to order again, and I get a page with "Sorry we couldn't find that page and meet Colby, the dogs of amazon". I don't need it now, but this as well as access other items are being blocked. Another example is I tried to order human IVM from a link someone here provided I think in India just in case someone else might need it for there. They called me to verify that the order wasn't fraud, I wanted to use a Visa card, but they only take MC and some other ones. Once the order was placed, MC blocked the charge. It's similar to what they are doing when I try to order meds from Canada. I found that I can get the exact same Advair there for ~$60/month vs the crazy expensive price here ($400?? I think now) if you are paying cash (a bit less with Goodrx), but I can't use my Visa or MC and have to pay them by check.

@CaptainKidd - a tip that might help. I always answer a question I don't want to answer with another question. "Why, is that important?" If they say yes, you ask if you will need to be providing proof beforehand. Then you can go full KD with FU.

@Ceiii2000 - I expect Toady to next tell us that we need the vax rate at 105%.

Lastly, for quite a while I was driving myself nuts thinking it's only rational to test for and accept Natural Immunity in lieu of a vax. We saw the Canadian fly home from France with an Igg test and a negative Covid test just to be safe and they wouldn't let her in her own damn country. We or at least the rest you you that follow KD now know that these jackasses are not reasonable or rational and whatever their agenda is, it will be revealed soon enough. I suspect this may fall apart as everyone (just those with a brain actually)who got jabbed realizes they got f'ed since the booster cat is out of the bag. I've come to realize that trying to reason with the sheep to understand the obvious data that shows the shots don't work and are likely harmful for some part if not all of the participants is folly, as so many are uninterested in knowing the truth. Dad used to say "you can't fix stupid".

Finally, I still think SPOTUS or his handlers did the reverse logic pull out on purpose. There's just no way anyone would leave all the hardware, people, in before the troops leave. Just like the Vikings know when it came time to burn and pillage - pillage first and then burn. No one could have f'ed this up to the degree that they did. I just think it has to be to divert attention from something else. The vax failures? I don't know, but it's again either totally irrational or on purpose. /tinfoil off/

SPotus - Sock puppet. ht from Mark Wauk's blog.
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