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 Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid
Dingleberry 991 posts, incept 2011-11-06
2021-08-02 22:15:28


Sorry to hear about your son. I've been there with several family and friends. Hell, I was even trying to warn them about wearing masks all the time as some are so out of shape they affected their oxygenation when in the heat, exertion, etc. Could have easily been a cardiac event.

As to your son's future, the first rule of medicine is do no harm. Or in layman's terms....stop digging if you are in a hole. That would be my best guess, but it would depend on the severity of the newer strains and how immunocompromised your son now may be. Allergies are simply an over-reaction of your immune system.....your body attacking itself in other words. Can be very challenging to treat, and the meds used often have terrible side effects esp. if used chronically. Of course the range of symptoms and severity can be vast, hopefully his body will somehow accommodate the foreign substance in his body over time. I will tell you this (most important thing I ever saw in medicine) and that is stress will exacerbate every problem you have by orders of magnitude. So don't be too hard on him, nor let him wallow in his poor decision assuming he understands what he did to himself. The body truly follows the mind. In either direction.

Bottom line if I were you is to find a doc with their head of their shoulders (which is increasingly rare), many of the good ones are leaving conventional practice and going concierge and only dealing with patients who have a bankroll and are actually interested in helping themselves (the latter is more rare than the former), plus the requisite foreign hires also make it difficult as they often do not view things the same as we do.

Best of luck.
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