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 Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid
Supertruckertom 8k posts, incept 2010-11-07
2021-08-03 08:49:48

Tickergroupie, anyone babbling about 5G being a weapon should be immediately removed from your list of credible people.

Inverse Square Law is all you need to know.

The power levels are not of concern.
Most Cell Tower amplifiers are in the 20 to 30 Watt Range.
Your microwave oven has 100 X more power and uses the metal enclosure to ensure the energy bounces around inside until it is absorbed.
An antenna radiating into Free Space rapidly dissipates the energy.
Even a parabolic dish fed with 30 Watts is not much of a danger at 100 feet away.

Just don't stand in the beam 5 feet away.

Are you good with Logarithms or the Decibel scale?

Your cell phone usually needs close to 100Db of amplification or more in the receiver chain.

I used to use some test equipment that had 148 Db of sensitivity to test Cell tower installations.

Preparing to go Hunting.
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Page 162 of 485  First158159160161162163164165166Last