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 The West's Obituary
Njca 274 posts, incept 2018-10-16
2021-02-13 18:44:58

At this point, there is a lot that is unknown. But as the victim had already been vaccinated with COVID naturally, from a past infection, and then given the experimental MRNA vaccine, it is possible that the unnatural mRNA method may have jacked up an already primed immune system, casuing the hyper inflammatory syndrome.

The SinoPharm vaccine uses inactived virus, exposing the recipient to the entire viral antigen load, in a more natural way than an mRNA vaccine. Another danger of the mRNA vaccine is that the breadth of antigen load is too limited, just the spike protein. By mutating the spike protein, the virus can escape the immune system. The odds are less if the immune system were primed to the entire virus. The virus would have to mutate a lot more than just the spike protein.

There are parallels to targeting cancer. Cancer can evade a targeted therapy by losing expression of the target. The odds of losing the expression of multiple targets is rarer, and so therapies are being developed that target multiple targets simultaneously. In this case, the therapeutic is an antibody or antigen specific T cell, that is infused into the patient. In the case of the virus, the patient makes the antibodies and T cells, and if the target source, i.e. vaccine, is too limited, the virus escapes, just like the cancer cells.
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